How To Choose A Voice To Text Dictation Software

With all its convenience, you can easily find a lot of voice to text dictation software on the internet. Because there are a lot of service providers, you might be challenged to choose which of them offers more features while keeping your budget safe. Here are some points that you should check before deciding on buying a software.

Highly customizable

Choose a voice to text software that allows you to apply the settings you want to reflect on your text messages or documents. There are voice to text software that allows you to apply the colour of your choice, the words and names you want to customize especially those that are hard to spell or names with different spellings. You can even find software that offer canned answers so you won’t have to create a new email or document when you can just make use of templates or similar documents that you used previously.

99.5% accuracy

Search for a voice to text dictation software that offers 99.5% accuracy. This way, you won’t worry about sending a message with wrong context or poorly spelled words. Accuracy is important especially if you are sending business emails or important documents that are in lined with your job.

Easy to use

Technologies are available to make things easier. Thus, choose a software that allows you to utilize it without the hassles. There are voice to text software that allows you to enjoy it by merely pressing Ctrl+D or the control button followed by D. The options are easy to follow and customization can be done even by those who are not computer or tech-savvy.

Offers free 30 day trial

You can find a lot of service providers of voice to text dictation software but choose one that allows you to try their product for free within 30 days. This will make it easier for you to decide if the product is for you. Aside from a free trial, the technology should be affordable such as a mere $2.49 a month or $29.88 a year. With the meagre amount, you can enjoy sending text messages and emails or creating documents without the hassle.