Wedding Planners Reveal Signs That A Couple Will Remain Married

When you work as a wedding stylist in Sydney or as a wedding planner, you will encounter many couples in your career.  According to some of these professionals in the industry, they already know when a couple-to-wed is going to last forever or if their marriage is going to be a rocky one. Though they are not marriage therapists who can say for sure, their insights are also worth noting.

If a couple is willing to compromise during the wedding preparation that is a good thing. It is crucial to be able to give in to one’s request once in a while with the knowledge that your partner will do the same when needed. Marriage means you have to meet somewhere in the middle in order to have a successful relationship. A wedding planner, Lori Stephenson, said that they should be to cope with the solution that is liveable for both of them. The willingness to solve problems together and work as one is a good sign that their relationship is going to last.

When preparing their wedding day, a couple can sometimes get into the detail too much that they forget what the occasion is for. The best couples are those who recognize that their marriage is more important rather than the wedding ceremony. With that, they shouldn’t stress themselves on every little thing that could go wrong on their wedding but rather they should just get excited with the idea that they are going to marry soon.

There are instances where in only the bride is planning for the whole wedding while the groom is on the sideline busy with work. This is normal for some couple especially if the bride loves planning parties and events but it does not mean that she should decide for everything without consulting her partner. The other person should still be involved in making decisions which is something a couple is expected to do.

Lastly, one wedding stylist in Sydney said that a couple should be firm when it comes to their relatives who are trying to push their own opinions for the wedding day. The groom should always go with the bride’s idea rather than his mother and vice versa. This is the time when they should decide as one and be independent of other family members.

Why Should You Apply For A North Carolina Tax ID?

When you live in North Carolina and want to start or operate a business, you need to apply for a North Carolina tax ID number. This number is provided by the IRS for tax purposes. And once this tax ID number is given to the business, this will be the way how the federal government will recognize the business type through the tax documents they submit.

In short, just as the social security number identifies an individual, the tax ID number will do the same for one’s business. As you live in any state of the United States like North Carolina, you will need to apply for a North Carolina tax ID as your identification. So let’s try to find out how you can have this EIN number:

  • A change within your business may require you an application for a new EIN. If the business is restructured, a new tax ID number must be obtained. Like for example, changing from a sole proprietorship to a corporation or partnership. The old EIN is issued to the individual owner himself; hence, there is a need for a new tax ID number.


  • The amount of tasks associated with opening a new small or big business. It can be daunting if you are not familiar with the process on how to apply for a North Carolina tax ID for your business. If you need help, you can hire an accountant to do this task for you. You may need to spend a little more money, but it pays off if you’ve done it right.


  • To get the tax ID number, you may need to access the IRS website for information. You just have to download the form SS-4 and fill it out with your information. If you send it by fax or email, you will get results instantly. It will only take ten to twenty minutes of your time to accomplish it and send to the IRS.

If you are a true citizen of the United States, specifically in North Carolina, and have your own business to operate, you will need to apply for a North Carolina tax ID to file your tax returns. Even if you’re a not-for-profit organization, you are still obliged to report how much you earn for this business.

The Strong Link Between Social Media And SEO

SEO and social media are so intertwined that the mention of one brings forth the other. Social media has a very strong impact on SEO and it seems that this will continue for years to come. However, Google insists that shares and mentions on social media do not count as ranking factors. On the other hand, several SEO bloggers and experts claim that Google is considering social media mentions as important ranking factors.

Recently, Matt Cutts, former head of Google Web Spam Team said that Google uses links from Twitter, Facebook and Google + as ranking signals. This is explained by the fact that when you search the profile of a brand or a person, you will find Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter URLs in the first pages of search results. This means that the URLs from social media contribute to the visibility of a business, person, brand or product.

Meanwhile, Gary Illyes, a leading Google Webmaster Trend analyst said that Google does not use mentions from social media as ranking factors but things are different today because a lot changes have happened in Google Algorithms space. Algorithm updates are strictly guarded making it difficult to understand the real messages behind the recurring updates, rumors and algorithm changes. This is one of the reasons why businesses need the help of SEO experts to update SEO campaigns according to the latest algorithm updates. This will ensure that the business stays relevant in the search engine results.

Social media content and marketing strategy are critical parts of a company’s off-page SEO. If high quality original content is posted on Facebook, it can attract potential links. It also increases the possibility of getting links from other websites when content is promoted through various social media platforms. Every social media platform provides an opportunity to reach a new audience and a new market.

When website content with the right keywords and key phrases are shared on social media, it helps search engines to understand what the brand is all about. However, creating content for SEO is easier said than done. Help can be provided by to improve the brand’s presence on search engines.

Fundraising For New School Chairs Led By Staunton Teacher

One of the most common problems among schools all over the world is that teachers don’t always have the funding they need in order to improve their classroom environment. Majority of the time, they have to use their own money in order to fill what is missing but when it comes to new chairs for school they will not be able to do so as it is not within their financial capacity. This is not a surprise to know that a teacher from Staunton is trying to raise money through the help of the internet.

The teacher is Kim Martin who is currently employed by the Bessie Weller Elementary School. She is the teacher of the first graders in the school. Her fundraising campaign is made possible by Donor’s Choose and the money to be collected is going to be used to purchase flexible seating for her students.

According to her, she planned to purchase wobble chairs as well as stools which are deemed to be essential in the classroom to provide students with additional mobility as they learn at the same time. Martin explained that in order for students to focus more during lessons, they must have the chance to move while sitting down.

She said that first graders are not really good when it comes to sitting still thus the wobble chairs will be perfect for them to wiggle around while listening so they have an outlet to move their body. This will promote listening better and more focus.

She added that the school is responsible when it comes to purchasing instructional needs as well as supplies inside the classroom but there are still instances wherein she had to use her own money. This stemmed from the long process she has to undergo before getting the money to purchase what she need. As a result, she ends up using her own money. She revealed spending around $900 in the previous year.

Martin believed that she will be able to get the new chairs for school with the help of an online fundraising. The school, on their part, said that they try their best to provide whatever the teacher needs inside the classroom.