AFL Club Memberships High, Tigers With The Most

AFL Club Memberships High, Tigers With The Most

Richmond are on the way to hitting 100,000 members again in 2019, the club already having 75,000 members in the first week of December.

The Tiger’s faithful fans, which have signed up for benefits and their AFL footy store, have been led by the signing of former Gold Coast key Tom Lynch. This recent upsurge in member signup have resulted in the club bouncing back from their 39-point loss to Colling wood last season during the prelims.

Richmond CEO Brendan Gale spoke about the matter, saying that they once set a historic benchmark at 100,000 members, and that they want to surpass those numbers again. He stressed the importance of bringing in members and keeping them around by making them feel like they’re part of something bigger than just a football team, insisting that goals would not be the sole focus of how Richmond would work under his lead.

Of the footy clubs in Melbourne, several clubs like Hawthorn and Essend on, with 60,007 and 51,011 members, respectively, entered the Christmas season with good figures, while clubs like North Melbourne and Melbourne sit at the middle of the field with 26,921 and 30,096 members, respectively.

Collingwood refused to disclose membership numbers, but stated that they expect a significant increase following their appearance in the 2018 Grand Final, having gone done a little from 2017’s figure of 75,507.

West Coast, a notable powerhouse club, currently sits at about 60,000 member following their premiership year, while Fremantle’s sitting at under 45,000 members. Meanwhile, in South Australia, the Crows already have 77,504 members.

Adelaide’s recorded a figure of 42,723,though they did not count non-financial, digital-only “We Fly as One” members, which is their mailing list-esque service, which provides no access to games, only a 10% discount on their AFL footy store and club merchandise.

In 2018, the AFL managed to have more than a million club members across the AU in the first time in the league’s history, which was an 11% increase from 2017, continuing the annual growth of membership numbers in the league for the 18th year straight.

Thirteen AFL clubs managed to break their membership records in 2018.

The membership ladder for AFL clubs are:

  • Adelaide: 77,504, counting its non-financial “We Fly as One” members;
  • Richmond: 74,110;
  • Hawthorn: 60,007;
  • West Coast: 59,800;
  • Essendon: 51,011;
  • Fremantle: 44,293;
  • Port Adelaide: 42,723;
  • Geelong: 41,034;
  • Carlton: 38,965;
  • Melbourne: 30,096;
  • Sydney: 29,046;
  • North Melbourne: 26,921;
  • Western Bulldogs: 26,855;
  • St. Kilda: 25,500;
  • Greater Western Sydney: 13,814;
  • Brisbane: 12,974, and;
  • Gold Coast: 5,894.
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