Blocking Access To Vpns As A Challenge To The Freedom Of The Internet

Blocking Access To Vpns As A Challenge To The Freedom Of The Internet

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Meanwhile, censorship to govern the internet in any form is not supported because it comes with substantial cuts to freedom and personal rights. If you still remember, in 2019, Iran shutdown the country’s internet to eliminate the use of Twitter as communication tool. In 2011, Egypt shutdown the internet to eliminate Facebook that is being used as a platform to announce the date and time of anti-government rallies. These actions were considered as assaults to free speech.

Internet neutrality recently took a blow when Reliance Jio, India’s largest mobile carrier reportedly blocked access to several proxy and VPN sites. These sites allow internet users to browse the web anonymously and sidestep the online restrictions of internet service providers. Jio that claims to have 250 million subscribers by offering the cheapest data plans is clearly violating the principles of internet neutrality that states that ISPs must treat online traffic equally.

China also banned virtual private networks except those that are approved and heavily monitored by the state. Any individual caught using unauthorized VPN service will pay a fine of $145. Public security law was introduced by China in 1997 making it illegal for an individual to access internet through a foreign provider without the permission of the government.

Countries with restrictive civil rights and freedom of speech laws are usually the ones that ban and restrict the use of VPN. VPNs are currently illegal to use in many countries and territories with fines against its usage. However censorship mechanisms tend to be abused at some point.

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