Candidate Registration Open For Thailand’s General Election

Candidate Registration Open For Thailand’s General Election

According to the Election Commission of Thailand, they have already started accepting all the candidate registrations for upcoming general election. The registration is for both members of the party-list and constituency candidates. The commission has also warned tourists with reservations in beach villas in Thailand that March might be quite a busy month for the country. Through the general election, the country will be able to stop military rule that has been holding the country down for more than four years.

The commission has also announced that everyone interested to become candidate as a prime minister should do so as long as there is a limit of only three candidates. From the pool of candidates, one leader will be chosen as soon as the parliament went into a meeting right after the election.

Registration lasted for a week all over the country but each of the top party vying for the election in the lower house that were registered were able to do so using the single-seat constituency. With this, the list of candidates where the proportional representation will choose can be sent after.

Palang Pracharath Party, a pro-junta one, has designated Prayuth Chan-ocha which is the current Prime Minister to be their top candidate for the same position. The junta chief is not sure however because he is still considering regarding the offer.

The second candidate is Uttama Savanayana who is the party leader and the third candidate is Somkid Jatusripitak who is the deputy PM.

According to the Pheu Thai Party, they are counting mostly to the votes coming from their poor supporters. They are everywhere in rural areas. The party has designated Sudarat Keyuraphan to be the prime minister candidate. Sudarat is known to have been loyal to Thaksin Shinawatra who was removed from his seat. The party is now thought to be used only by Thaksin for his own political vehicle.

The oldest part in Thailand is the Democrat Party which relies heavily on the support from rich locals living in urban areas. Their only PM candidate is Abhisit Vejjajiva. Tourists should be vigilant when staying in beach villas in Thailand when they come here during the month of March which is the height of the election.

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