Marketing ROI Calculator: Determination Of Success

Planning a business, whatever that may be, requires a lot of research works and decision making. It’s never as simple as buying a new toy for your 7-year old kid who wanted a new Iron Man action figure for his birthday. Planning a business, first and foremost, requires the willingness to take risks, the ability to gamble and most importantly, a big bank account to burn. Why is that? Whether we like it or not, planning and establishing your own business, whether it’s a simple coffee shop nearby a school or a fancy restaurant by the seaside, requires a big starting capital for you to be able to lay down the fundamentals plus the fact that you will need to pay luxurious taxes and do tons of paper works. Now, how do you determine if your marketing plan for your business is actually working? Can you actually determine the success of a business just by using a marketing ROI calculator?


To begin with, yes, it’s good for you and your business as a whole that you know how much your return of investment is going to be. But to depend the success of the marketing plan you are employing based on the calculations of a marketing ROI calculator alone? That is not a good business practice. Although keeping track of your ROI is good, there are other things that can determine a success of a marketing plan, of a business in general. There are other formulas which marketing experts use to determine whether or not their return of marketing investment is good enough to be a factor which can be contributed to a business’ success. Businessmen and marketing practitioners alike are recommended to use other calculations such as:

  • (Revenue – marketing investment) / Marketing investment = will give you your return of investment
  • For calculating ROI using the gross profit, this formula can be used as well: (Gross profit – marketing investment) / Marketing investment


Using a marketing ROI calculator is definitely useful for any kind of business but that doesn’t have to determine or failure of your business. There are other contributing factors that may lead to the success of a business.


How to Make Your Website Effective

If you have an online business or you are maintaining a website for a competitive edge, then perhaps you already understand the importance of having an effective website for your business’ survival. There are ways to make your website attractive but one of the most effective ways is by hiring inbound marketers such as crewdo who are knowledgeable on the right approaches towards reaching your targets. To encourage more visitors to your website and ultimately popularize your brand, here are some tips:

Have the right design

The first step to having the right design is knowing who your targets are. Make sure that your web design is suitable to your target market. For instance, if your target clientele are corporate individuals, your website should exude professionalism. If you know who your targets are, ask the experts from crewdo on how you can make your site appropriate to your targets.

Make your website functional

If you were able to capture your target’s attention, the next thing for you to do is keep them hooked in your website and keep them coming back for more. Thus, make sure that they will have reasons to do that. Post essential web articles. Make sure that your website is updated with regular posts. You should also make your site useful by allowing visitors to share whatever information that you have so long as it does not infringe copyright and similar legal issues.

Maintain a fast website

Another way to capture target audience is by ensuring that your website is fast with pages that load at optimum speed. There are ways to make your pages load easily. One of these techniques is by doing away with heavy plug-ins, videos and other designs that slows down page loading. Find a fast and reliable web host. Avoid free and trial web hosting services because there is expiration for trials and free web hosting services are often times unsatisfactory. To determine how you can improve your website to attract more visitors, get the services of inbound marketers such as crewdo. These experts know exactly how they can help make your website at the top and your brand a household name.


How Great Content Earns Links

In recent years, social has become a business tool that can be exploited in many different ways. First of all, social media has a deep and strong connection to one of the more important aspects of online marketing which is content. Quality and relevant content can generate a lot of likes and shares in social media but it is also important to harness the power of content in other platforms aside from Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

While it is actually good for a business to have content that gets shared by a large audience through social media, it won’t generate the long term results that a business aims for. Ideally, content must be able to attract quality links. It is much easier for a business to create quality and interesting content for link building strategies than engage in black hat SEO strategies to manipulate Google. However, content can only earn the right links if you do a good job with SEO. Make the business more competitive and do all the necessary efforts to ensure that content will be viewed by the right people who will do the link building.

Identify the right people who will share your content. In order to do this, make sure that content is not a sales pitch because it is very unlikely for your target audience to respond accordingly. If your content is a beneficial source of information, sharing it will likely help them, too. Eventually, people will start to link to your content.

It is also easier to attract links if you use respected knowledge and opinions because it makes content more credible. However make sure to cite your expert sources. Reach out to them by sending an email to show how much you value their work and that you have taken some of their ideas and injected a new take.

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Five Tech Giants To Boost Research On Artificial Intelligence

Five of the world’s top notch tech companies that include Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and Google are joining hands to boost research for artificial intelligence (AI). Partnership for AI means that these companies will be discussing advancements while conducting several researches on artificial intelligence for the benefit of people and society.

The digital giants will develop standards and best practices that should be abided by researchers. It is highly unusual for the five tech giants to come together but now it is here. The organization does not intend to lobby governments or policymaking bodies, it simply wants to address opportunities and challenges through AI technologies.

Initial financial investments will come from the Partnership for AI until other stakeholders will join to increase funding. According to Mustafa Suleyman, the co-founder and head of Applied AI, they want involvement from non-corporate groups aside from the large tech companies. The power of AI will be on the enterprise sector because it will be society that will benefit from artificial intelligence. Non-corporate groups will be working alongside the giant companies to develop the best products and services that will be powered by machine learning.

According to Francesca Rossi, AI ethics researcher at IBM Research, society in general has to trust artificial intelligence to enjoy its full benefits. The next interface will be AI powered bots that will shape interactions with applications and devices. AI chat bots will fundamentally revolutionize the way that people experience their computers and devices. Devices that rely only on Microsoft’s latest solutions are set to change the way HP interacts with customers and partners.

However, an early summer study revealed that 26% of consumers do not trust robots or AI-based machines for personal and professional tasks. The same research also revealed that 54% do not use them even with the popularity of Siri and other similar features.

Aside from its commitment to artificial intelligence research, Facebook remains to be a popular platform for marketing. It is pretty easy to find Passages Malibu through Facebook or Yelp. Opinions from previous patients on how they recovered from addiction to drugs and alcohol are easily accessible.

Interior Design Trends Revealed On Instagram

For anyone who types in #interiordesign into the Instagram search box, he will get millions of posts. A report from Wayfair which is an online home store revealed a series of information about who posts these and so much more. They analyzed 75,000 of these #interiordesign posts from all over the United States and Canada.

Who is posting the most in Instagram?

According to the report, it is New York. The Empire state is in the top spot, and it is among those who are posting about interior design. For every 100,000 residents, there are 288.9 pictures posted. The second place goes to Ontario, and this is followed in the third place by British Columbia. California and Nevada are in the fourth and fifth place respectively.

What are the most common design styles?

The most common design style is vintage. The reason for its popularity is its cost effectiveness and its repurposing culture.

Mid-century modern is in the second place. This post-World War II style is known for its clean lines, minimalism and functionality.

Contemporary is in the third place. This is followed by rustic in fourth. Abstract is in fifth place.

Industrial ranked sixth. Retro, natural and bohemian followed by French are in the last 4 spots.

How are likes accounted for?

Even though style prevails, the “likes” don’t follow from this.

Contemporary is the most liked style averaging in 142 likes for each post.

Bohemian style which can be distinguished through its free spirit aesthetic, multi-colored palette and mismatched patterns got an average of 117 likes for each post.

Abstract, natural and industrial styles are in third, fourth and fifth. They got 87, 84 and 81 average likes for each post respectively.

Mid-century is in the sixth spot with an average of 78 likes for each post.

Vintage only garnered an average of 71 likes for each post even though it is the most common and most posted style. Thus, placing it in seventh place.

Rustic, retro and French finish off the last 3 spots with an average of 69, 67, 66 likes for each post respectively.


These are just some of the statistics from Wayfair’s report. Needless to say, a lot of factors affect or influence a consumer’s preference towards design and Instyle Deco.

Why Is Internet Marketing So Important Nowadays?

This is a good question. Why is Internet marketing so important and why are so many businesses online obsessed with it? Right now, the Internet holds considerable powers over business today as a vast number of the world’s population are Internet users. With 3.7 billion Internet users, you can only say that the Internet is the perfect place to engage in business. The Internet presents businesses with multiple opportunities but the problem is always with how they are going to grab these opportunities.

With the Internet, you can expect to have lots of competition. However, the key to getting ahead your competition and getting noticed is through Internet marketing. Internet marketing is defined as the collective term for the techniques, tactics and strategies used in order to maximize the traffic of a website. Traffic is important because it determines the success of an online venture. If there are no people visiting your website, you wouldn’t be able to make conversions.

Now, why is Internet marketing important? Think about this: the Internet has become the biggest source of information and because of this almost everyone turns to the Internet to get necessary information and other important requirements. This makes the Internet as one of the easiest and cheapest ways to market and promote your products.

If you think about the costs, print advertising is definitely the most expensive. You would have to pay a lot for ads on newspapers, magazines, journals and even phonebooks and while traditional media platforms like TV and radio can reach a much wider audience, the advertising fees may be too much for you to handle. With Internet marketing however, you are given the opportunity to heavily market your products without having to pay numerous fees. And the best part of it all is that they have creative ways that you can use to advertise online.

Through strategies such as SEO Thailand or search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, blogging, video marketing and link building you would be able to reach thousands of people without spending too much money and at the comfort of your own home.