Lawsuits Involving Rare-Earth Magnets

It is that time of the year again when Santa Claus visits every house with kids and leave presents under the Christmas tree. These presents are often toys with magnets inside them. For many years, magnets in Brisbane are considered to be harmless materials but it changed when a number of lawsuits have emerged followed by recalls from companies that manufactured toys with powerful rare-earth magnets inside them which are found to be deadly when ingested.

Small pieces of rare-earth magnets are used often because of their super strength. The problem is that when young children accidentally swallow these magnets, the gastrointestinal organs could suffer serious injuries.

There have been thousands of cases wherein kids are sent to the emergency room following an accidental situation where they swallowed the magnets. After each incident, the magnetic toys are often recalled by companies manufacturing them and in some cases the products are banned for good.

There were a number of cases that have been brought up to court for settling. From 2006 until 2018, there have been 10 lawsuits in the United States involving small rare-earth magnets. The companies in question are battling to fight for the products they are selling in the commercial market.

The very first lawsuit filed in the country was in California. William Finley received a present of magnetic toy building but he accidentally swallowed the magnets which resulted to injuries to his abdomen and intestines. His mother filed the law suit against Rose Art Industries.

In 2011, Mega Brands was ordered to pay $3.5 million dollar after a class-action suit was filed against the company for their magnetic toys. The most recent incident was March of 2018 when a 22-month old, Braylon Jordan, swallowed eight pieces of Buckyballs.

As of writing, 20 different magnet products have already been banned in the market while the Consumer Product Safety Commission ordered to make Neoballs and Zen Magnets illegal the previous year.

Sadly, these incidents are not limited to magnetic toys but also other toys that have rare-earth magnets attached to them. Manufacturers of magnets in Brisbane guarantee that their products are not the same as these rare-earth magnets.

Google Downplays A Recent Malicious Attack

Almost everybody uses Google particularly marketers and information seekers. For example, a marketer for event hire in Sydney will make use of online marketing strategies so that the web pages will appear in the first page of Google search results. However, what happens if Google is suddenly hit by a malicious attack?

According to security experts, Google was hit by an internet hijack which is considered as the worst in the company’s history. Information of Google search users, cloud hosting service and the collaboration tools for businesses known as G-Suite were affected. Data of global users were intercepted by servers in Nigeria, China and Russia including those run by major state-owned telecom providers.

Security experts said that the hack was a war game experiment which means that it is preparation for more wide scale attacks in the future from the nations involved. Google downplayed the incident and said that it was not malicious. However, this did not minimize the fears that personal data of millions of users were compromised.

Last month, the social network of Google+ was breached and exposed the private information of at least 500,000 people. Google is being pressured to protect its users after the series of high profile data leaks.

In the latest incident that is referred to as border gateway protocol (BGP) hijacking, traffic misdirection was employed to knock down essential offline services in order to facilitate espionage and financial theft. In two of the most recent cases, traffic rerouting affected financial sites and could have possibly exposed private data to malicious hackers.

The interruption in Google service lasted for at least one and a half hours. Thousand Eyes, a network intelligence company uncovered the hack when he noticed that traffic was landing at a state-run China telecom company. A computer scientist believes that the hijack was an elaborate surveillance scheme.

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Four Effective Tips To Market Motorcycle Dealerships

Running a motorcycle dealership is a difficult task. The presence of a lot of competition and decrease in consumer demand have made operating dealerships a tough task. Better marketing is the only solution to stand apart from the competition and attract consumers to your dealerships.

Here are some tips to do the marketing right from reputed motorcycle dealers, like wheels Honda to help you stand out from your competitors.

  • Website – Website helps dealerships to attract the attention of the consumers. Most of the people use internet to search for products and serv Having a well-designed and adaptable website helps dealerships to improve viewership. The website should be easy to navigate and must provide all the information required by the viewers. For example, the website of wheels Honda, is very attractive and easy to navigate. It contains information about the services offered by the dealership, the images of the bikes on sale, various offers and discounts available and the contact information of the dealership.
  • Clever use of SEO – SEO has three important components. On-page SEO that deals with the content and other elements of your page, off-page SEO that deals with the links and mentions about your page on other websites and finally Technical SEO that deals with the load time of the site, adaptability to mobile screens and tablet screens and readability of the page. It is important to take care of all the three aspects of SEO. Consult a qualified and experienced SEO professional to take care of all the SEO needs of your website.
  • Use Email marketing – Mailing list is a powerful marketing tool. Email attractive offers, important details and product features to your customers using the mailing list. Mailing list helps you to stay-in-touch with your existing customers. Use effective call- to- action and contests on your website in order to motivate your viewers to join your mailing list. You can also use premium tools to capture emails of your viewers.
  • Strategic partnerships – Invest in Mutually beneficial partnerships with third parties for added influence in advertising. Search for other dealers and manufacturers, who are willing to partner with you. Sponsor a charity event or a local riding forum to gain the attention of followers.

Follow these four tips and be a successful motorbike dealer like wheels Honda, which is a reputed dealership in the UK.

Five Benefits Of Using LED Ribbon Lights

LED lighting strips or ribbon lights, as they are commonly known are an environment friendly lighting option. This new-age lighting solution provides a number of benefits to the home and office owners. These led strips are flexible and durable and are turning out to be the most preferred lighting solution for interior designers and homeowners alike.

Some interesting benefits of using LED light strip for your homes and offices are

  1. Durable and long lasting – LED ribbon lights are durable. They can withstand high and low temperatures and harsh weather conditions. They are the best choice for outdoor and indoor arrangements. The average life of an LED light strip is nearly one lakh hours. They do not require frequent replacements. Though the initial cost of a ribbon light might seem to be high, the durability and high life span makes them an economic option.
  2. Low utility bills – LED tape lights consume very less energy, when compared to traditional lights like Halogens, Incandescent lights and florescent bulbs. They produce bright and uniform light and illuminate all the area around them using low energy. Homeowners using LED light strip benefit from low utility bills because of their huge energy efficiency.
  3. Low maintenance – Since the LED strips are highly durable and have a high lifespan, they require very less maintenance. These light strips are the best options for areas like lofts, kitchen cabinets, staircases and other difficult to reach areas in the home or office.
  4. Eco-friendly – LED strips are environment friendly solution for lighting homes and offices. Most of the LED light strips are hundred percent recyclable and can be disposed safely after their life time. These lights do not contain any chemicals that pose threat to the environment. They are very energy efficient, which reduces the power consumption of the household and reduces the carbon footprint of the users.
  5. Flexibility – LED strips offer the much need flexibility to lighting solutions. The LED light strip is very flexible and can be cut or twisted into any shape to suit the requirement of the lighting system. They can be bent to ninety degrees and can be used at any location, indoors or outdoors. The LED lights are the new age lighting solutions which are pocket friendly and eco-friendly at the same time.

Why It Is Important To Consider The Security Of Interconnected Devices

Hotels like 4 star resort in Pattaya are quick in adopting technology because they understand that customers expect a unique experience. Technology can make hotel operations more efficient and organized. Smart devices that are often referred to as Internet of Things (IoT) are rapidly multiplying because they provide a sense of luxury and modernity.

While it is important for the hospitality industry to adopt different technologies, they need to take into account the security of interconnected devices. It is bad for business if the experience of guests is disrupted by hackers.

Most connected devices were created without considering security. Some were built without basic security principles like the capability to change default passwords, authenticate devices and undertake security updates. The seemingly innocent devices can provide an open door to hackers that can exploit the vulnerability of the security system.

The hospitality industry must ensure that IoT experiences provided to guests are secure by being aware of the devices that are connected to the hotel’s network. After taking an inventory of the vulnerabilities, make sure that risks are mitigated. First generation products must be avoided and always purchase connected devices from reliable vendors that have gained a good reputation in the technology industry.

Hackers are undertaking creative ways to exploit vulnerabilities. Deciding on a connected device requires proper consideration on the risks it could pose in case the system is hacked. A tech-savvy employee or a disgruntled guest could take control of electronic door keys or the smart thermostats. These innocent devices usually lack strong security and can be harmful if they fall on the wrong hands.

Routine maintenance must also be performed on smart devices like changing default passwords regularly and updating the software of the device. Once compromised, all the connected devices must be immediately removed from the network.Collaborate with a third party expert to determine what went wrong.

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How A Funeral Director In Sydney Can Arrange Your Deceased Loved One’s Funeral

Everybody will have his or her chance to experience death. What is saddening is leaving those you love behind forever. In your demise, your relatives will need to hire a funeral director in Sydney to arrange and prepare for your funeral, and this can be done immediately after your death.

To make your funeral arrangements, your relatives will need to consider four things:

  • Paying so much for an unrewarding service

You always need to consider the expense of a funeral service. But the real priority is the value on how you have spent the money. Whether you’re opting for a $4000 or $14000 funeral service, if the experience is not worth the expense, you’ll probably have spent too much.

So, if you have chosen the right funeral director in Sydney, you can have a unique style of the funeral ceremony that everyone who loved the deceased can cherish. The funeral director can provide an exceptional funeral that makes your experience worthwhile.

  • Feeling rushed at the chapel

In Sydney, you’ll find countless cemeteries with on-site crematories and chapels. However, the chapels are so popular that the scheduling system leaves every family rushed to end their funeral ceremony as another grieving family has reserved the chapel after them.

If you have chosen a good funeral director in Sydney, he or she will ensure the bereaved family will never feel rushed. The funeral service understands that saying goodbye takes time. So, you have the service not rushed until it’s time to bury all those good memories of the deceased.

  • Making the ceremony beautiful and memorable

To ensure you have a memorable funeral service, the funeral director in Sydney will consult the bereaved family. They will focus on designing a service that celebrates the life that the deceased once lived. The funeral director will choose a venue and enhance it with memorabilia and flowers. They will choose a funeral celebrant to tell the story of the deceased. They will also help the bereaved family to choose products that make the funeral service memorable. And lastly, the funeral director will conclude the beautiful moment with a heartfelt farewell experience.