Couple Lost £35 k To Fraud Tile Installer

Couple Lost £35 k To Fraud Tile Installer

A scammer pretending to be a roofer was recently arrested and put to jail because of getting £35,000 from a couple he scammed. The suspect is Brian Williams-Craven who is said to be one member of a gang that is fraudulently offering repair services when in fact all they did to the roof is to paint it red. This should come as a warning to homeowners with grey bathroom tiles that wanted to have them remodeled.

The suspect, Mr. Craven, came from Long field Road, North field and is currently 51 years old. He tried to scam the couple but instead he was sentenced to stay in prison for three years and five months.He is also one of the people included in the list of most wanted crooks by West Midlands Police.

One of his accomplices is the popular brothers from Birmingham, Errol and Timmy Flynn. They were also sent to prison back in September.

According to the Birmingham Crown Court,the fraudulent team called to the house owned by a 77 year-old man along with his wife who is 84 year-old. They are living in North field and was at home when the call came on the 21st of July, 2016.

According to the couple, they were told by the repairman that their ridge tiles worth £400 will need to be replaced. The most shocking for them is that the price of the service keeps climbing. It went o £1,400 then it became £7,000 while they are charging them £2,000 for setting up the scaffolding.

The couple went ahead and agreed to pay £10,000 but the payment did not push through because of the suspicion raised by the bank. The gang did not stop there because they said that there is a rotten beam which requires replacement for an additional £5,000.

The scammers were able to convince the pensioner to give them a payment worth £9,000 using the car company that is under the name brother of the defendant.The prosecution said that the scammers were asking for a total amount of £35,000.This can has been heard by homeowners and they now know that when their grey bathroom tiles need repair they have to call a legitimate company to avoid being scammed.

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