Couriers Receiving More Complaints Due To Failed Deliveries

Couriers Receiving More Complaints Due To Failed Deliveries

An online shopper who wished to be hidden by the name Ben Thomas was quite shocked when he found out that the robot vacuum cleaner he had ordered online worth £262 was already signed as delivered. The parcel was not at his place in London and there was no card for pickup that was inserted into his letter box. Yodel was the courier in charge of the item and they said that the parcel was already signed, by another person. Cases such as this will warn others to choose courier online or locally with care because they will be handling your items.

Thomas said that the driver of the delivery van was the culprit and he signed by forging the signature of the receiver. He was caught after his statements changed quite a few times. The sad fact is that Yodel is not taking actions after what happened. Thomas will not expect a refund from the online retailer because they said that Yodel showed them that it was already signed as received.

There is a growth in the online shopping industry which resulted to the increase of parcels to be delivered. The postal services that were previously offered by Royal Mail alone were no longer in the scene. In fact, the market is now filled with businesses that are offering cheap options to consumers.

Cheap comes with a cost, in the end, because Yodel is now considered to be the worst courier in the country for the second survey in a row. According to 57 per cent of the participants, they received customer service from the company. The problem is that many of the huge online shopping companies are employing cheap services such as Yodel in order to cut the necessary budget.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme for Communications was the one in charge of keeping tabs of all customer complaints but they can only monitor firms that are the organization’s scheme. Their website does not show what courier online is under them and they have not also provided a list. When sending, it is best to pay for the insurance because the courier will not be sending any cash replacement in case of problems if insurance is not availed.

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