DPD Reporting Good Numbers With E-Trucks

DPD Reporting Good Numbers With E-Trucks

Delivery leader DPD is a final mile carrier in the UK notable to having the first fully-electric FUSO eCanter delivery trucks, 7.5-tonne electric vehicles. The company recently released a half-year report on corporate performance.

DPD General Manager – Corporate Social Responsibility & General Planning; Rob Fowler issued a statement on the matter, saying that cutting down on the company’s carbon footprint by providing smarter and more efficient solutions for urban delivery in the UK, and investing in innovation, are the core of the DPD’s DrivingChange programme. He says that DPD aims to become the leader in alternative fuel vehicles in UK, and the new FUSO eCanter is the lynchpin of their electric vehicle strategy.

He notes that the FUSO eCanter is very useful, not just because it emits zero tailpipe emissions, and, consequently, provides exceptional environmental credentials, the vehicle’s agility and high payload capacity makes it well-suited to handling urban delivery. Fowler reports that, during the first six months that both of the DPD’s eCanters were in service, they’ve had no issues, and, based on the performance of their current fleet, the final mile carrier in the UK are looking forward to procuring more for their fleet.

The FUSO eCanter is a notable development, as it’s the world’s first fully electric-light duty truck to be mass produced, which goes a long way to cutting down on emissions in delivery routes. The DPD acquired two vehicles during a launch even in 2018, while the other eCanters were given to Hovis and Wincanton PLC for deliveries in the capital.

The FUSO e Canter is scheduled to go on sale for the general public via the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Network later in 2020, and is estimated to provide about £1000 worth of savings for every 1000 km travelled in comparison to most diesel-fuelled trucks. The truck is powered by six 420V and 13.8kWh lithium-ion batteries, with power transferred by an electric drivetrain with a permanent-magnet motor that deliver 129kW, which amounts to 180HP, with a single-gear transmission located at the truck’s rear axle. The truck can handle a payload allowance of a maximum of 4.5 tonnes, and the truck has an operating range of about 62 miles (100km) on every full charge.

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