Eight Benefits That Make Stone Wall Tiles Preferred Solution For Wall Design

Stone cladding is a popular interior design trend that not only enhances the visual appeal of the property but also improves its curb value. Stone cladding can be done both in the interiors and exteriors of the home to lend a rustic charm and make the home gel with the surrounding landscape. It can be done in outdoor areas like the landscaped garden, swimming pool area or the backyard to give an inviting and natural effect.

There are many varieties of stone wall tiles and selecting the right ones that match with the surroundings and interior theme has many benefits.

  • Homeowners looking to give a natural and earthy look to the interiors can use stone wall tiles in the interior design. There are many varieties of stone tiles like marble, granite, slate, sandstone etc. Each of the stones have different colours and textures giving homeowners the much required choice to select wall tiles matching their requirements.
  • Stone cladding lends a classy look to the house. It improves the curb value of the house and using stone tiles, instantly lifts the aesthetic appeal.
  • Using stone tiles on walls provides insulation effect. Stone is a natural material and is naturally heat resistant. Different stone tiles have different properties and choosing the right one that offers the required insulation will make the home energy efficient. It prevents the loss and gain of heat from the exteriors and helps to keep the home at right temperature.
  • Using stone wall tiles prevents the requirement for regular repainting. Walls need regular repainting and touch ups to maintain the interior aesthetics. Stone tiles eliminate this requirement and save a lots of time and money for the homeowners.
  • Using stone tiles to highlight the interiors makes the home feel cosy and inviting.
  • Stone tiles are durable and weather resistant. Stone wall tiles can be used both in the interior and exterior design as these tiles do not fade and get damaged with exposure to sun. They are suitable for all weather conditions and can withstand wear and tear.
  • Though the cost of stone tiles is on the higher side, their durability and easy maintenance routine make them cost effective.
  • Natural stone wall tiles are eco-friendly option as they can be locally procured and do not damage the environment.