Facebook And Partners To Connect Rural Communities In Peru

Facebook And Partners To Connect Rural Communities In Peru

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Facebook has been facing a lot of negative news but the social media platform continues to make a positive impact to people all over the world particularly those in developing countries. As part of the efforts to connect rural communities, Facebook has partnered with Telefonica, IDB Invest and the Development Bank of Latin America to launch Internet para Todos (IpT) Peru.

The project aims to form an open access wholesale rural mobile infrastructure operator that will bring mobile broadband to remote locations. Populations in remote communities cannot access the internet because the deployment of conventional telecom infrastructure is not economically feasible.

The partnership is part of Facebook Connectivity that will bring faster internet access and benefits for everyone. It will provide people with a voice, strengthen communities and create new economic opportunities. The social media giant has partners all over the world to bring reliable internet to everyone. Communities can be connected through infrastructure projects that are based on open access principles, new technologies and new business models.

Rural communities throughout Peru will be connected through IpT Peru by allowing mobile network operators to use 3G and 4G infrastructures. The partnership hopes to deliver high quality retail mobile communication services. This will serve as a model that can be replicated by other countries in the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

Through IpT Peru, the partnership hopes to achieve economic sustainability in local communities. When open technologies are used, cost of deployment in areas where current technologies are prohibitive will be reduced.

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