Facebook Collaborates With Airbus For Internet Project

Facebook Collaborates With Airbus For Internet Project

Social media sites like Facebook have become a good venue for electrician in Morningside to market his services. Facebook is still the most popular platform where people share and connect online and a great place to keep customers well informed about the services being offered. More users will interact with the brand and eventually ends up being future customers.  

Last year, it seemed that Facebook has set aside all ambitious plans towards the development of a solar-powered drone that would provide internet access all over the world. However, the company is not done with the plans because it is now working with aeronautics giant Airbus to test drones in Australia.

Germany’s NetPolitik got hold of a document using a request from Australia Freedom of Information Act. The document revealed that the two companies collaborated for test flights scheduled for November and December last year. The two companies had collaborated before on communication systems for satellite drones.

It isn’t clear whether the test flights actually occurred but if it took place, it surely involved Airbus Zephyr drone, a model designed for defence, humanitarian and environmental missions. Zephyr is similar to Facebook’s Aquila drone blueprint that makes use of solar power to be able to fly for months.

Facebook has chosen the Model S version with a 25-meter wingspan and the ability to operate up to 20km altitude. Broadcasts to the ground make use of millimetre-wave radio. Facebook and Airbus made plans and several tests for the internet broadcasting gear. However, according to a spokesperson from Facebook, they have no details to share.

Facebook has an objective of increasing internet access worldwide particularly in developing regions that include Asia, Africa and Latin America. The drone will be able to bring connectivity to remote areas for a more affordable price.

Using Facebook for advertising is highly beneficial to electrician in Morningside because when users like the page, they essentially become followers. It is important for an electrician to spread the word about the services offered from electrical and kitchen appliance installations and repairs, installation of hot water systems and special property maintenance service with efficient wiring inspections, lighting upgrades and switchboard changes.

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