Fire Consumed Marquee On Wedding Day

Fire Consumed Marquee On Wedding Day

Wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life that many couples are spending a lot to make it memorable. This is why a couple decided to rent a marquee hire in Melbourne for their big day but the turn of events was something they did not expect in their wildest dreams. The marquee that was installed and decorated for their wedding reception was consumed by a blazing fire.

According to the neighbours who were able to witness the fire, they were shocked with that transpired during the wedding of the couple, Dominic and Tara. The location was at the couple’s family home in Quamby Road, Ringwood North where around 350 of their family and friends came to witness the momentous event.

It was a good thing that when the fire started to blaze, the guests were not inside the marquee as they are just starting to arrive at the property and hanging in another area. Based on the reports from the investigation, the fire was due to a faulty electrical connection that was connected to the makeshift dance floor inside the marquee which is as large as a tennis court.

Jarrad Lees, the saxophonist for the event, said he was able to finish the sound check of the band’s equipment when the fire broke out. When he turned around to look at it, the flames was already consuming the marquee and because of the material it was made of it was burned down within two minutes after the blaze started.

The fire did not dampen the mood though because the bride and groom decided to continue with their celebration. The 350 guests were evacuated and transfer to a safe area near the swimming pool. The band started to play music for them and at the end of the party the guests were able to have a blast despite what had transpired.

The fire consumed the marquee along with the dance floor, flowers and furniture. The newlyweds reminded couples who are planning to get a marquee hire in Melbourne to make sure all electrical connections are safe before the wedding starts.

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