Five Benefits Of Using LED Ribbon Lights

LED lighting strips or ribbon lights, as they are commonly known are an environment friendly lighting option. This new-age lighting solution provides a number of benefits to the home and office owners. These led strips are flexible and durable and are turning out to be the most preferred lighting solution for interior designers and homeowners alike.

Some interesting benefits of using LED light strip for your homes and offices are

  1. Durable and long lasting – LED ribbon lights are durable. They can withstand high and low temperatures and harsh weather conditions. They are the best choice for outdoor and indoor arrangements. The average life of an LED light strip is nearly one lakh hours. They do not require frequent replacements. Though the initial cost of a ribbon light might seem to be high, the durability and high life span makes them an economic option.
  2. Low utility bills – LED tape lights consume very less energy, when compared to traditional lights like Halogens, Incandescent lights and florescent bulbs. They produce bright and uniform light and illuminate all the area around them using low energy. Homeowners using LED light strip benefit from low utility bills because of their huge energy efficiency.
  3. Low maintenance – Since the LED strips are highly durable and have a high lifespan, they require very less maintenance. These light strips are the best options for areas like lofts, kitchen cabinets, staircases and other difficult to reach areas in the home or office.
  4. Eco-friendly – LED strips are environment friendly solution for lighting homes and offices. Most of the LED light strips are hundred percent recyclable and can be disposed safely after their life time. These lights do not contain any chemicals that pose threat to the environment. They are very energy efficient, which reduces the power consumption of the household and reduces the carbon footprint of the users.
  5. Flexibility – LED strips offer the much need flexibility to lighting solutions. The LED light strip is very flexible and can be cut or twisted into any shape to suit the requirement of the lighting system. They can be bent to ninety degrees and can be used at any location, indoors or outdoors. The LED lights are the new age lighting solutions which are pocket friendly and eco-friendly at the same time.