Five Tips To Organize Conferences And Events

Five Tips To Organize Conferences And Events

Organizing conferences and events is a challenging task for managers. There are no set rules to organize an event and managers have to use unique and creative approaches to make the event interesting and successful.

Here are some tips from popular conference management agencies that will help to organize events and conferences. 

Clear objectives

It is essential to set clear objectives before the event. Co-ordinate with your conference management and event management firm to get the list of objectives. The objectives should be as clear as possible and should always have a number. For example, determine how many questions can be accommodated in the question and answers sessions, how many participants are allowed in the conference, how many speakers on the stage etc.


Planning is an essential part of event management. Planning in advance will help you to save money on venue bookings and vendor arrangements. Plan all the minute details well in advance so that there are no major last minute surprises.


Develop your negotiation skills. Negotiate with the vendors and venue managers for the best price. Popular conference management companies advice to work with vendors with flexible prices. Determine your budget and negotiate for at least five to ten percent below your budget.

Use new technology

Technology is always emerging and it is advisable to use new technology in event management. Embracing innovative changes will help you to organize the events better. For example, you can use apps to connect with your participants, conduct on-line surveys to get real time feedback, etc.


It is essential to plan a run through before the event. No matter the size of the event, every event needs a rehearsal. Involve all the staff, volunteers and other back end participants of the event, in the rehearsal. This will help the staff to be well prepared for the event and also gives you time to make any changes, if required.


The reputed conference management and event management firms, believe that each event has a lesson. Schedule a meeting with your team after the event and analyse the events. This will enable to know about the shortcomings and failures in the event and come up with strategies to overcome them for the nest event.

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