Floor Tile Installation A Top Regret To Those Who DIY

Floor Tile Installation A Top Regret To Those Who DIY

One of the most common trends nowadays in home improvement involve do-it-yourself. Try as they may, many of those who tackle these kind of projects have experienced how hard it is. According to a recent study, around 6 per cent of those who have done a DIY before have injured themselves at one point or another. This may be as simple as hammering or while installing stone floor tiles on their new kitchen.

Furthermore, one in every 12 participants of the survey conducted by ImproveNet, a portal that matches businesses with consumers, admitted that they have done damage to their properties after trying to DIY.

These mistakes are not committed by pure amateurs in the DIY scene though because 2,000 of the respondents said that they have at least done around eight DIY projects before taking the poll. According to 63 per cent of the survey participants, they have regretted at least one of the DIY projects they did while one third said that resorted to contacting a professional in order to remedy the butch job.

These failures are not a result of doing the job as fast as they could either because participants said that they have at least spent around six hours researching prior to undertaking any project. They turned to online sources – 65 per cent watched YouTube video tutorials, 51 per cent visited home improvement sites, 45 per cent talked to their family and friends, 20 per cent consulted store clerks, 16 per cent said they have read magazines or books as reference while 14 per cent said they turned to television shows for guidance.

According to ImproveNet, many are turning to DIY because they just want to challenge themselves while others wanted to save money from hiring professional labourers. One of the top regrets of homeowners who tried DIY is installing stone floor tiles on their own and second on the list is ceiling replacement while the third spot was taken by hardwood floor refinishing. Based on the same survey, the easiest DIY projects include installing lighting, trim and moldings along with planting trees and shrubs around the property.

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