Four Popular Types Of Plastering Materials

Four Popular Types Of Plastering Materials

Plastering enhances the beauty of the walls and makes them ready to paint. It also provides a protective coating over the exterior walls of a building. Choosing the right type of plaster not only enhances the aesthetic beauty, but also influences the lifespan of a home. Homeowners have a lot of options like, natural plasters, lime plasters, gypsum plasters, cement plasters and synthetic plastering materials to choose from.

Earthen plasters

These plasters are the most ancient wall plastering substances. These are eco-friendly plastering substances preferred by homeowners, who prefer natural homes. Earthen plasters are not available in ready-mix form, like other plastering materials. Experienced plasterers in Sydney, create these plasters from scratch using dirt, sand, straw, manure, cooked flour paste and other natural materials. Earthen plasters are easy to maintain. They provide a natural look to the walls and allow them to breathe. These plasters are suitable for different climatic conditions.

Lime plaster

Lime plaster is made from a mixture of hydrated lime powder, sand and water. This mixture is made to slake or hydrate for a few days and then applied on the walls. Lime plastering is extremely durable and offers highly protective covering for the walls. Lime plasters are suitable for different types of walls like, stone, cement, brick and cement-block. It is suitable for both interior and exterior plastering.

Gypsum plaster

Gypsum is a widely available plastering material used for interiors of homes. It is inexpensive and easy to work with. Readymade gypsum plastering powders are available in hardware and building supply stores. The powder is mixed with water and stirred to create the plastering material. The gypsum plaster sets in quickly and produces durable finishing for interiors and ceilings of a home. However, this material is not suitable for outdoors as it is water-soluble.


Cement stucco is extensively used by plasterers in Sydney, to plaster the exterior walls. It is suitable for different types of climates and provides a durable finish to the walls. The cement stucco is made from mixing Portland cement, sand, fibre and lime. The materials are easy to obtain and they are uncomplicated to work with. However, cement stuccos tend to crack easily and are hard to repair.

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