Fundraising For New School Chairs Led By Staunton Teacher

Fundraising For New School Chairs Led By Staunton Teacher

One of the most common problems among schools all over the world is that teachers don’t always have the funding they need in order to improve their classroom environment. Majority of the time, they have to use their own money in order to fill what is missing but when it comes to new chairs for school they will not be able to do so as it is not within their financial capacity. This is not a surprise to know that a teacher from Staunton is trying to raise money through the help of the internet.

The teacher is Kim Martin who is currently employed by the Bessie Weller Elementary School. She is the teacher of the first graders in the school. Her fundraising campaign is made possible by Donor’s Choose and the money to be collected is going to be used to purchase flexible seating for her students.

According to her, she planned to purchase wobble chairs as well as stools which are deemed to be essential in the classroom to provide students with additional mobility as they learn at the same time. Martin explained that in order for students to focus more during lessons, they must have the chance to move while sitting down.

She said that first graders are not really good when it comes to sitting still thus the wobble chairs will be perfect for them to wiggle around while listening so they have an outlet to move their body. This will promote listening better and more focus.

She added that the school is responsible when it comes to purchasing instructional needs as well as supplies inside the classroom but there are still instances wherein she had to use her own money. This stemmed from the long process she has to undergo before getting the money to purchase what she need. As a result, she ends up using her own money. She revealed spending around $900 in the previous year.

Martin believed that she will be able to get the new chairs for school with the help of an online fundraising. The school, on their part, said that they try their best to provide whatever the teacher needs inside the classroom.

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