Google Downplays A Recent Malicious Attack

Google Downplays A Recent Malicious Attack

Almost everybody uses Google particularly marketers and information seekers. For example, a marketer for event hire in Sydney will make use of online marketing strategies so that the web pages will appear in the first page of Google search results. However, what happens if Google is suddenly hit by a malicious attack?

According to security experts, Google was hit by an internet hijack which is considered as the worst in the company’s history. Information of Google search users, cloud hosting service and the collaboration tools for businesses known as G-Suite were affected. Data of global users were intercepted by servers in Nigeria, China and Russia including those run by major state-owned telecom providers.

Security experts said that the hack was a war game experiment which means that it is preparation for more wide scale attacks in the future from the nations involved. Google downplayed the incident and said that it was not malicious. However, this did not minimize the fears that personal data of millions of users were compromised.

Last month, the social network of Google+ was breached and exposed the private information of at least 500,000 people. Google is being pressured to protect its users after the series of high profile data leaks.

In the latest incident that is referred to as border gateway protocol (BGP) hijacking, traffic misdirection was employed to knock down essential offline services in order to facilitate espionage and financial theft. In two of the most recent cases, traffic rerouting affected financial sites and could have possibly exposed private data to malicious hackers.

The interruption in Google service lasted for at least one and a half hours. Thousand Eyes, a network intelligence company uncovered the hack when he noticed that traffic was landing at a state-run China telecom company. A computer scientist believes that the hijack was an elaborate surveillance scheme.

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