Horder’s House Got More Than The Asking Price

Horder’s House Got More Than The Asking Price

In a surprising tur of events, a house located in the Old Towne Orange hot a lot of attention despite the fact that it was infested with rats. After a bidding war occurred among the interested buyers, it was able to receive an offer for $655,000 which was the highest that was bid. Many were puzzled including junk hauling Orange Country because of the state of the house which used to be owned by a man who collects junk around the neighborhood.

It was listed just a month before the final bid and the asking price was only $599,000. The buyers who are presently renting a place in Old Towne said that they are planning to put the house under rehabilitation. The co-lister of the house, Seven Gables Real Estate, divulged that they were a young couple while the man was a tradesman in the construction sector.

Despite the sad condition of the house, the buyers were able to see a lot of potential once it has been rehabbed. The Craftsman bungalow was constructed back in 1922 and it has a total land area of 9,900 square feet. The house is located on South Shaffer Street with a floor area of 1,140. It has a living room, two bedrooms with one bath, den and a kitchen. Majority of the features are authentic from the original constructed building as revealed by the real estate agents.

More than 200 people were able to check out the house during the open house and they sat most of the rooms were empty and tarnished while there are areas of the house with visible rat droppings and signs of rodent infestations.

The previous owner of thehouse was a 78 year old man who was collecting junk and was pretty much a hoarder. They were able to collect around 11 large dumpsters of trash from inside the house which shocked even junk hauling Orange County because of the amount of contents that need to be checked for recycling. Experts said that the house needs to be totally restored and buyers might need to spend around $275,000 before it can be restored.

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