Lawsuits Involving Rare-Earth Magnets

Lawsuits Involving Rare-Earth Magnets

It is that time of the year again when Santa Claus visits every house with kids and leave presents under the Christmas tree. These presents are often toys with magnets inside them. For many years, magnets in Brisbane are considered to be harmless materials but it changed when a number of lawsuits have emerged followed by recalls from companies that manufactured toys with powerful rare-earth magnets inside them which are found to be deadly when ingested.

Small pieces of rare-earth magnets are used often because of their super strength. The problem is that when young children accidentally swallow these magnets, the gastrointestinal organs could suffer serious injuries.

There have been thousands of cases wherein kids are sent to the emergency room following an accidental situation where they swallowed the magnets. After each incident, the magnetic toys are often recalled by companies manufacturing them and in some cases the products are banned for good.

There were a number of cases that have been brought up to court for settling. From 2006 until 2018, there have been 10 lawsuits in the United States involving small rare-earth magnets. The companies in question are battling to fight for the products they are selling in the commercial market.

The very first lawsuit filed in the country was in California. William Finley received a present of magnetic toy building but he accidentally swallowed the magnets which resulted to injuries to his abdomen and intestines. His mother filed the law suit against Rose Art Industries.

In 2011, Mega Brands was ordered to pay $3.5 million dollar after a class-action suit was filed against the company for their magnetic toys. The most recent incident was March of 2018 when a 22-month old, Braylon Jordan, swallowed eight pieces of Buckyballs.

As of writing, 20 different magnet products have already been banned in the market while the Consumer Product Safety Commission ordered to make Neoballs and Zen Magnets illegal the previous year.

Sadly, these incidents are not limited to magnetic toys but also other toys that have rare-earth magnets attached to them. Manufacturers of magnets in Brisbane guarantee that their products are not the same as these rare-earth magnets.

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