Maps Utilized By Advertisers To Encourage Consumers To Buy Stuff

Maps Utilized By Advertisers To Encourage Consumers To Buy Stuff

You might think that a simple New York City Illustrated Map will not be able to affect you in any way as a consumer but this is where you are wrong. Recently, there were uploaded online a big collection that contains persuasive maps. These are maps that show how cartography is trusted by people and how it can be utilized to influence our decision making.

It was revealed that out of all the ways that information can be conveyed, people rely more on maps. Reading an article about how racially separated a city is more convincing when shown on a map. It is natural for men to trust whatever is written on maps thus this has become a very effective method in influencing us.

For this very reason, maps are used in various occasions – to start propagandas, during political debates and on movements concerning morality. One of the most recent example of the influence of map is one that showed which state in the country will be negatively affected if the United States decided to withdraw from NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement. The map is one of the major reasons why the president decided to abandon the plan.

According to a map collector who is also a retired lawyer, P.J. Mode, almost everyone has experienced as a child wherein the entire family goes on a road trip and they make use of maps to get wherever they may be going. This is when you start to believe that maps can be trusted and that it will help you get from one place to another.

Mode is one of those people who specifically collect persuasive maps. His collection of over 800 is also part of the digital collections uploaded at the Cornell University Library. Over 500 of the maps have already been made available since the month of April. More than 100 of them are depicting various types of advertising. One of his favorite is a New York City Illustrated Map used for an advertisement back in 1897 about leading horse dealers in the globe.

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