Michelin Guide Reveals Where To Eat The Best Foods In Thailand

Michelin Guide Reveals Where To Eat The Best Foods In Thailand

For 2018, Michelin Guide published another edition. More restaurants have been added to the list of those in Bangkok while one restaurant has been recognized in Phuket. Sadly, the three-star award remains to be untouched. With the guide, there are more reasons for tourists to visit the country. The Michelin Guide is also an opportunity for students and teachers at English school in Bangkok to try the best dining spots in the capital.

When it comes to German dishes, Suhring is the place to go in Bangkok. Last year it was awarded a one-star by Michelin and now it has moved up to two-star category. This is now on the same league as Gaggan which is a popular Indian restaurant, Le Normandie which is a French eatery and Mezzaluna which serves European cuisine.

Over all, there are 23 stars that received the one star rating – some retained their award from the year before while others are neophytes on the list. One of the newest additions is PRU which is located in Phuket. The popular street food shop Jay Fai, the only one on the guide, still remains to have one-star.

Thailand’s very first Michelin Guide was published last year. Even before its publication, Bangkok is already popular all over the world because of the local dishes and the street foods. For the second version of the Michelin Guide, it visits other places in Thailand aside from the metropolitan city. It also conducted inspection and surveys on restaurants that are located in PhangNga and Phuket.

This is one of the measures done by the government in order to help increase the number of tourist arrivals. Michelin’s main goal is to go around the entire nation by 2021 to list all restaurants that are worth awarding with star/stars. This is also at pace with the contract signed between the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Michelin which lasts for five year.

The tourism industry needs to be revived in order for the country to function efficiently. A good economy is a message to every international student in English school in Bangkok that they are in good hands while in a foreign land.

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