More Than 100 Solihull Homes Without Central Heating To Be Fitted

More Than 100 Solihull Homes Without Central Heating To Be Fitted

Before the winter season, one of the most important thing homeowners should do is take a look at your central heating system to make sure that it is functioning properly. This is a simple task but not everyone is able to enjoy this privilege because there are houses without proper heating system. Good news is coming to households all over Solihull because there is a scheme for free installation of central heating as well as gas supply.

Based on the Winter Homes Fund campaign by the Solihull Council, the money they have will be able to cover around 125 properties as long as they pass the qualification. The council is happy to sign the deal with residents deemed eligible. The priority will be given to those who do not have an existing central heating or gas which is essential in keeping a home warm during the colder months.

Eligible homeowners with electric-powered heating systems will be fitted with a new gas condensing boiler. This is because gas-powered heating is more energy efficient and the running costs will be reduced considerably.

Councilor Karen Grinsell who is a cabinet member at the Solihull Council, appointed with heat and adult social care, said that the national fund called The Warm Homes Fund will provide central heating if the family falls under the lower income category which presents a financial struggle to keep the home warm.

According to her, the average home will be able to cut down £350 from their yearly energy bill if they are to use gas central heating instead of electric-powered ones. She is calling to homeowners with wall heaters or electric radiators to check with the borough’s council if they are eligible to be granted by the funding.

The scheme was developed mainly to help households living within the fuel poor locations. This means that their fuel bill causes them to belong in category under the poverty line with their income as the main consideration.

Those who will not be granted for replacement should take a look at your central heating to realize that you have it better than other people.

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