Online Users Panicked When They Cannot Gmail And YouTube

Online Users Panicked When They Cannot Gmail And YouTube

It is very likely that the first thing that comes to mind when you tasked to search for custom map illustration is Google, the search engine. You simply type the words you are searching for and Google provides you with a list of websites that offer the service. Using the internet is very easy, convenient and efficient but what are going to do if a popular service you use goes down?

If you cannot access Google services, it is very likely that you will panic and take to social media to warn your followers. Last Tuesday, at about 10 in the evening EST, many online users all over the world noticed that something strange was happening with several Google services that they typically use.

According to the first reports, there was something wrong with Gmail. More reports poured in and the volume increased exponentially. Yes, indeed, Google was down and the problem did not end there. Google Drive followed quickly with users not being able to connect and access their files.

If it wasn’t bad enough, YouTube started to have issues, as well. A Google Drive outage is certainly annoying but a YouTube outage is simply frustrating. When users started to notice the issues with YouTube, they vented their frustrations on Facebook and Twitter because they cannot watch their favorite videos.

According to Down Detectors, a popular website tracking site, the outage reports that affected Gmail and YouTube started at about 10 PM EST and it was not just a tiny hiccup. On its G Suite Status Dashboard, Google confirmed that a wide range of its services like Gmail and Google Drive went offline overnight. Users reported seeing error messages, high latency and unexpected behavior.

Google’s Engineering Team investigated possible causes and mitigation was underway. Service now appears to have been restored but the irony of it all is it happened on the 30th birthday of the internet.

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