Photographs Transformed Into Canvas Art Through Messenger Bot

Photographs Transformed Into Canvas Art Through Messenger Bot

Lucy is a busy mother of two kids. Her phone has thousands of photographs with several special shots that she wants to be transformedinto canvas art prints. She uses Messenger to keep in touch with friends. One of the moms that she usually chats with shared a link to new Messenger bot so that Lucy can enjoy 20% discounts off canvas prints.

What are Chatbots for Messenger? Chatbot is a computer program that simulates how humans will react with a normal conversational partner. Chatbots are now very popular for customer service and acquisition of information. Chatbots for Messenger can help an individual find and buy concert tickets or look for the favorite basketball team’s recent stats.

However, aside from the help they provide, Messenger Chatbots help online users to monetize on their Facebook fan pages. The Chatbots provide huge opportunities to gain instant ROI by taking advantage of the overwhelming number of active Facebook users that exchange photographs and messages through the social media platform.

Anton Pereiaslavtsev, the CEO and founder of Zebra Instant made it his mission to create Chatbots that will provide consumers with frictionless shopping experience and huge revenue increase for the influencers. 17 billion photographs are being exchanged by Messenger users every month; however, there is no easy way to transform these photographs into tangible products. With the Zebra Instant on Messenger, users can immediately turn their favorite photographs into products like canvas art prints that can be shared with family and friends.

The bot was inspired by people who are already bored with installing and learning new apps. Bots are useful and can be used easily because they are available into an interface that is already familiar to online users. Messenger was decided upon to be the perfect launch pad for the bot.

The perfect personalized gift that you can give your family or friends is a canvas art from a favorite photograph. There are literally unlimited choices from photographs of special moments that capture the joy and excitement of a unique holiday. The piece of art can be conveniently hanged on the wall so that the happiness and excitement of the special moment can be shared in the room.

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