Plastic Card Printers For Security Conscious Businesses

Plastic Card Printers For Security Conscious Businesses

Most security conscious organizations in Australia use plastic card printer so that staff and visitors can easily be identified. Gone are the days when identification systems rely on traditional paper medium that can disintegrate and fray when exposed to moisture. Barcodes can be printed on the plastic cards as a form of security measure.

Businesses face different risks and one of them is cyber insecurity. According to India Risk Survey 2017 report, information and cyber insecurity is the biggest risk faced by companies in India. Both private and public Indian organizations have witnessed more than 27,000 incidents of security threats for the first 6 months of the 2017.

Some of the ways used by hackers to attack business websites and steal sensitive information include phishing, scanning/probing, website intrusions and defacements, virus/malicious codes, ransomware, DOS attacks and data breaches. Cyber attacks also cause disruptions in business operations.

Even small and medium sized businesses are not spared by hackers. Businesses are very vulnerable because of the growing digitization of business assets, sensitive customer information and rapid improvements in the business. Even small stores, community centers and clinics are not spared. In fact, at least 70% of cyber attacks were directed towards organizations that have less than 100 employees. According to reports, at least 50% of the businesses have to close down due to loss of reputation and customer loyalty.

Arne Josefsberg, Chief Information Officer of GoDaddy, said that security threats must be treated seriously. There must be a proactive assessment of security measures. Many businesses consider protection when something wrong happens. It is generally easier to undertake proactive security measures than clean after a security breach.

The best defenses against cyber threats include firewalls, anti-virus software and strong passwords; however, it is also important for security to become a state of mind of businesses to reduce their vulnerability.

Sometimes, it is important to allow the experts to perform ID card printing. Printing providers have the plastic card printer as well as safe management of data. Sensitive information that includes personal details and photographs do not have to be emailed. A secure personal database connection requires access through user name and password.

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