Rising Trend Of People Officiating Their Friend’s Wedding

Rising Trend Of People Officiating Their Friend’s Wedding

Wedding trends are changing every year according to a wedding planner in Sydney and one of the most notable increases is that more and more couples are choosing their friends as officiant during their wedding ceremony. One example is a couple, Alex Lynn and Alex Tignor, who are planning to tie the knot this November. According to them, they have appointed their close friend to be the officiant for their ceremony. They believe that it is a task that should be undertaken by someone important to them which will make the ceremony extra special.

Theirs is not a unique case though because there are a growing number of couples who are choosing to appoint their close friend as officiant. Modern weddings no longer conform to the traditional wedding therefore many changes are applied with new inclusions and some exclusion. Modern weddings are more intimate, personalized to the couple’s preference and more fun than before.

There are many data proving this as a fact. Based on The Knot, a popular wedding website, they have been recording survey for the last decade. In 2008, there was no survey involving friend officiant because this is not a common trend yet. It was only included in the survey a year later in 2009. Six years later, the figure has already increased to 40 per cent.

Wedding Report, a firm that tracks data, revealed that in 2017, 25.7 per cent of couples said that their officiant during their wedding was a close friend. This is higher compared to 2010 when there were only 16.4 per cent. Expert said that there are a number of reasons why this trend is growing and there is a big possibility that it will continue to soar.

The first is that marriage is not as traditional as before. It has already been deinstitutionalized by the latest generations. There are now things that can be done on a wedding that is not socially accepted decades ago. This is the reason why a wedding planner in Sydney said that in order for their business to thrive they must think long and hard in order to stay ahead with the trend.

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