Supercars And Indy Car Working Towards A Coop Gold Coast Event

Supercars And Indy Car Working Towards A Coop Gold Coast Event

Good news for companies that handle events and marquee hire on the Gold Coast, as Supercars is currently eyeing on a return to the Gold Coast for the US series with the help of IndyCar, instead of having separate events on the streets of Surfers Paradise.

IndyCar’s been talking with the Queensland government about bringing back the once iconic Gold Coast indy car event, known to auto enthusiasts, party companies and marquee hire on the Gold Coast, with series boss Mark Miles having travelled to Australia back in November in order to discuss the matter with state premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Discussions on the Indy Car’s returns to the Gold Coast was continued in the US over the Christmas season, but, this time, it was with Supercars boss Sean Seamer. A key outcome from these talks is that Supercars, which hosts an annual October Gold Coast race, and Indy Car, would be more open to cooperation on an event, instead of hosting separate Indy and Supercars events at different times of the year.

This cooperation would, in theory, simplify the track build due to the fact that Supercars owns the infrastructure that allows for the circuit, including crash barriers and the temporary pit complex. Seamer says that, if they’re going to do something, they want to try and do something cooperative. Operationally, he says, the team builds the track, they’re extremely familiar with the workings, and they’ll see where that goes.

Trying to work together has some complications, however, especially since IndyCar wants to run a race in February. Supercars might be looking to switch to a summer series, Seamer isn’t as big on the idea, given the higher chance of rain during the tropical summer months.

There are other factors to consider, and Seamer says that it will be, at the very least, six weeks before anything concrete pops up. He says they still need to consider options and opportunities for how Supercars would cooperate with IndyCars, and they’d have to work through the details.

Seamer also talked with NASCAR officials about bringing the event to the Gold Coast, following the demo in 2018 with Scott McLaughlin, which kicked-off talks about an exhibition race there. With NASCAR and Supercars going through calendar work, they have to sort through that first before anything happens.

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