Temple Bell In Bangkok Lowering Volume After Complaints About Noise

Temple Bell In Bangkok Lowering Volume After Complaints About Noise

Temples are everywhere in Bangkok. Aside from the many accommodations in the city including Novotel in Bangkok, there are also temples located in various parts of the capital. Some of these temples have bells that are tolled at certain times of the day. One of the Bangkok temples that have been in the city for three centuries recently decided to lowers its toll volume after the residents of the nearby luxury condominium complained about the noise level every time the bell tolls at dawn.

The ordered came from the monks of the Wat Sai temple. They have agreed to lower the bell volume when it tolls every 4 in the morning as well as in the evening. The decision came after a complaint was filed by the district office of Bang Kho Laem. The residents of the Star View condominium, an upscale project, are not happy about the noise therefore they decided to file a complaint.

The temple is located in Rama III Road and it has a height of 1.2 meters. It is situated at the top of tower with three stories. Every day, at 4 am, the bell rings out a rhythmic tool that lasts for 20 minutes. According to one of the monks assigned at the Wat Sai temple, Phra Suthicharn Supatto, during the Buddhist Lent which last for three months, the bell is set to ring twice every day. The evening ring lasts for 10 minutes once the clock strikes 6 in the evening. For many years, the bell tolls that way every year and no residents have ever complained, according to Phra Suthicharn.

Abbot Preecha Poonnalo already said that they are not going to stop the bell’s tradition of ringing but rather he has ordered the monks to minimize the noise as much as possible. He added that residents of the complaining high-rise condominium have invited the monks before in their location in order to conduct a religious ritual. To lower the noise, the log the monks are using is exchanged to a smaller one. Guests and staff of other accommodations and hotels like Novotel in Bangkok do not mind such noise as these are a part of the culture and religion of Thailand.

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