Thailand Welcomes Record Number Of Superyachts

Thailand Welcomes Record Number Of Superyachts

One of the many reasons why many people go to Thailand is to experience Phuket yacht charter since it is known globally for its ports. In another milestone, Phuket has yet made another record last month when it welcomed the most number of superyachts in its berths located in Yacht Haven Marina. There were a total of 36 superyachts welcomed in the island. According to the marine industry of Phuket, this news is just in time as they are taking measures to expand its current facilities as well as services in order to cater for the marine industry’s high-end clients.

Galileo Maritime Academy explained that majority of the countries in Asia are trying to improve their existing facilities as well as the make their regulations more attractive to easily lure in superyachts that offer cruise to drop by their marinas. This part of marine tourism generates high revenue and it is advantageous to the economy of a nation, the tourism sector and the people that are working in various industries related to it.

For the case of Thailand, the end result is that more and more superyachts are dropping which eventually led to a record breaking period last month. The largest superyacht marine in Southeast Asia is currently found in Phuket. If these 36 superyachts are arranged in a single line, its total length will be 1,582 meters which is almost one mile.

Galileo Maritime Academy’s CEO, Anthony Gould, said that there are many reasons why Thailand was able to reach this new record such as actions from the government. It is also an advantage that there are many remote islands with beautiful anchorages in the region including PhangNga Bay, the islands around Andaman Sea and the Mergui Archipelago.

The marine industry in the region now recognizes Thailand as the central hub because of its improved infrastructure. There are many foreign enthusiasts travelling to experience Phuket yacht charter because of its remote islands which is less crowded compared to other marinas found in the Adriatic seas, Florida coast, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Southeast Asia offers marinas that are low cost with beautiful islands worth traveling to.

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