The Best Accommodation From A Hotel In Sukhumvit11

The Best Accommodation From A Hotel In Sukhumvit11

Bangkok has had its share of floods, protests, power struggles and military takeover, which happened may years back. It also lost its most loved King BhumibolAdulyadej two years ago, which ended his 70-year reign. But even with its share of hardships, the city has managed to flourish and reshape its real identity. Today, it is everything you’ll ever dream in a holiday with its glitzy megamalls, luxury hotels and restaurants and vibrant nightlife. You’ll ever want to be booked in a hotel in Sukhumvit 11, which can take you to the various tourist spots of the city.

Here’s what to do in this lovely city while being booked in a hotel in Sukhumvit 11 that accommodates you:

  • Market Hop: You can drop by the Chatuchak Weekend Market where you can buy everything from pottery to parakeets. You’ll just have to ride from the Skytrain station and be dropped at the Mo Chit BTS. You can come to the market early in the morning or late at night when there is no sun. There is also the best Thai designer clothes to buy here or visit the Viva 8 and enjoy excellent mojitos.
  • The Artist’s House: You can visit Wat Saket for a panoramic view, Wat PhraKaew for a glittering gold, and Wat Pho for a massage. These tourist sites will make you see the standing, sitting and reclining Buddhas. There’s also a teak house to see quirky sculptures. If you want to see shadow puppet performances, ensure you book ahead as showtimes can be irregular.
  • Where to Eat: If you like the best foods to try in Bangkok, you can drop by famous restaurants that serve their own specialty recipes. You may want to dine while live bands play your favourite music, or you can opt for savoury street foods, which come in a wide variety.
  • Where to Drink: Splurge your money in fun-filled and exciting pubs and bars. There can be live bands playing loud music where you can dance and have fun. You can also spend the nights in bars and drink liquors of different tastes. You can also enjoy the evening with beautiful women of your choice.

Once you’ve completed your enjoyment, you want to go back to your hotel in Sukhumvit 11 to relax and have a good night sleep.

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