The Cleaning Robot Of The Future

The Cleaning Robot Of The Future

Not everyone is fond of scrubbing floors to make them squeaky clean. The task can sometimes result to daydreaming of a day when robots can do the task on your behalf. That time is not too far away for homeowners but for companies offering commercial cleaning in Sydney, the robot of the future is already here among us.

The commercial cleaning robot was developed by Avidbots, a robotics company established in 2014. They are responsible for the innovation that introduced the commercial cleaning robots into the market. The flagship robot of the company is called Neo. It is built for the sole purpose of scrubbing floors. It uses the latest tech for navigation and the hardware is intended for long-term use and user-friendly. It can be serviced easily while making sure that safety is the top priority. The end result is increase in productivity.

Neo is far from a simple cleaning machine because it also has a user-friendly web portal which gives the operator real-time data along with a recorded reporting. It is also possible to conduct remote troubleshooting with the machine therefore operations are more transparent in many ways.

According to the company’s sales director, Cameron Waite, the company is first and foremost focused in robotics and not leading cleaning company that is trying to make a breakthrough in robotics. The company’s goal is to provide the system’s intelligence and make it possible for the equipment to operate on its own space.

The autonomous robot, Neo, can clean any hard-surface with a lot of space. It easy adapts to its environment and to changes. Prior to its first operation, Neo will scan the space in order to develop a map. Any obstacles placed on its way, Neo knows to get around it by rerouting. Once the obstacle is no longer present, the robot will resume and include the area for cleaning.

The robots created by Avidbots are currently being utilized in five different continents in various locations such as shopping malls, airports and manufacturing facilities. While the robot is a good alternative, hiring a company for commercial cleaning in Sydney is still the best option because they are able to clean every nook and corner and not just the floor.

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