The Strong Link Between Social Media And SEO

The Strong Link Between Social Media And SEO

SEO and social media are so intertwined that the mention of one brings forth the other. Social media has a very strong impact on SEO and it seems that this will continue for years to come. However, Google insists that shares and mentions on social media do not count as ranking factors. On the other hand, several SEO bloggers and experts claim that Google is considering social media mentions as important ranking factors.

Recently, Matt Cutts, former head of Google Web Spam Team said that Google uses links from Twitter, Facebook and Google + as ranking signals. This is explained by the fact that when you search the profile of a brand or a person, you will find Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter URLs in the first pages of search results. This means that the URLs from social media contribute to the visibility of a business, person, brand or product.

Meanwhile, Gary Illyes, a leading Google Webmaster Trend analyst said that Google does not use mentions from social media as ranking factors but things are different today because a lot changes have happened in Google Algorithms space. Algorithm updates are strictly guarded making it difficult to understand the real messages behind the recurring updates, rumors and algorithm changes. This is one of the reasons why businesses need the help of SEO experts to update SEO campaigns according to the latest algorithm updates. This will ensure that the business stays relevant in the search engine results.

Social media content and marketing strategy are critical parts of a company’s off-page SEO. If high quality original content is posted on Facebook, it can attract potential links. It also increases the possibility of getting links from other websites when content is promoted through various social media platforms. Every social media platform provides an opportunity to reach a new audience and a new market.

When website content with the right keywords and key phrases are shared on social media, it helps search engines to understand what the brand is all about. However, creating content for SEO is easier said than done. Help can be provided by to improve the brand’s presence on search engines.

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