Wedding Planners Reveal Signs That A Couple Will Remain Married

Wedding Planners Reveal Signs That A Couple Will Remain Married

When you work as a wedding stylist in Sydney or as a wedding planner, you will encounter many couples in your career.  According to some of these professionals in the industry, they already know when a couple-to-wed is going to last forever or if their marriage is going to be a rocky one. Though they are not marriage therapists who can say for sure, their insights are also worth noting.

If a couple is willing to compromise during the wedding preparation that is a good thing. It is crucial to be able to give in to one’s request once in a while with the knowledge that your partner will do the same when needed. Marriage means you have to meet somewhere in the middle in order to have a successful relationship. A wedding planner, Lori Stephenson, said that they should be to cope with the solution that is liveable for both of them. The willingness to solve problems together and work as one is a good sign that their relationship is going to last.

When preparing their wedding day, a couple can sometimes get into the detail too much that they forget what the occasion is for. The best couples are those who recognize that their marriage is more important rather than the wedding ceremony. With that, they shouldn’t stress themselves on every little thing that could go wrong on their wedding but rather they should just get excited with the idea that they are going to marry soon.

There are instances where in only the bride is planning for the whole wedding while the groom is on the sideline busy with work. This is normal for some couple especially if the bride loves planning parties and events but it does not mean that she should decide for everything without consulting her partner. The other person should still be involved in making decisions which is something a couple is expected to do.

Lastly, one wedding stylist in Sydney said that a couple should be firm when it comes to their relatives who are trying to push their own opinions for the wedding day. The groom should always go with the bride’s idea rather than his mother and vice versa. This is the time when they should decide as one and be independent of other family members.

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