What Is White Glove Delivery Service

What Is White Glove Delivery Service

White glove delivery is a value-added delivery service provided by the logistics companies.A white glove delivery helps business to provide an unmatched delivery service to the customer, that often exceeds his/her expectations. It helps to portray a professional image of the business and helps to enhance the customer satisfaction.

While most logistics company offer last mile and white glove services, it is difficult to know the exact white glove delivery service definition as it encompasses many activities that influence the customer perception. White glove delivery involves many activities like, handling the product, positioning it at the desired place, unpacking, installing, training the customer and also other services like, cleaning up the installation site and recycling the packing materials.

According to the white glove delivery service definition, the service does not end after installing the product. The logistics company also contacts the customer immediately after the completion of the delivery process and en quires about the efficiency of the delivery, technical details of the process and most importantly the customer’s experience of the entire process.

The process of white glove delivery is different for B2B and B2C deliveries. White glove deliveries for B2B businesses are complex as it involves huge machinery,specialized and expensive equipment. It needs specialized transportation vehicles with modern equipment for loading and unloading. The delivery team should consist of technicians, who are trained by the manufacturer to handle and install the equipment/machinery. They should be able to use the required tools to assemble and install the machinery. The technicians should also be able to train the team members of the client to operate the machine. The white glove services also include cleaning of the installation site and recycling the packing materials.

As the final mile and white glove deliveries have the direct contact with the customer, the quality of the white glove services directly influences the customer perception of a business. Businesses have to be very careful while choosing a logistics provider for white glove services. They should ask the logistics company to clearly state the white glove delivery service definition and what all services are included in white glove delivery. This helps businesses to compare the services of different logistics providers and choose a company that provides value-added white glove services.

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