What You Need To Know About Amber Tiles

What You Need To Know About Amber Tiles

The History Of Amber Tiles

The famous Amber Tiles started its tile business in 1973 which marked an important year for the tile industry in Sydney.

One of the famous landmarks of Sydney, The Opera House was launched with more than a million white glazed tiles that were bought from Sweden for the huge project. The company, Amber tiles, launched its first store, which became the great local Australian-owned tile supplier.

The company has over 40 years of experience in outdoor and indoor tiles, pavers, and stones which made Amber tiles a popular tile company in Australia. With the changes in styles over the years, Amber tiles made itself updated with the latest trends in technology. It continued to provide its customers with quality service and pieces of advice in natural stone, floor tiles, pavers, artificial grass, wall tiles, and retaining walls.

The Amber tiles name has become synonymous with pavers and tiles with its strong brand, range, and service. It has also created a huge market presence in the QLD, ACT, and New South Wales. The company has a rapid growth of 28 branches today with many more possibilities in the future. The company boasts of having sold more tiles than the ones sitting atop the Opera House in Sydney.


The company has some traditional beliefs while it keeps itself updated with the latest trends in tile designs. Its team of professionals is constantly searching the globe to provide its customers with the latest fashion in the tile industry.

First Vision – Life must be easier

This is the reason why the company puts the largest range of outdoor and indoor tiles, stone, and pavers together in one place. This allows its customers to search for all the products that suit the needs of the clients’ homes either on their website or in their stores, all days of the week.

Second Vision – Great service makes things easier

The company has more than an era of reliable experience which has equipped everybody with the answer and good industry knowledge.

Third Vision – In this temporary age, it is important to rely on lasting things and people who will always be there to support you.

The company has provided its customers with competitive price and products as a reciprocation of their patronage. Its customers are assured that all products are the finest of its kind and the people behind the company are always there to meet their expectations in their tiling needs.

Amber Tiles is a reliable company which the customers can be confident of. They have the commitment and responsibility to provide the best service and products to all their clients and to the community as well.

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