Why Go For Orchid Exporters In Thailand

Why Go For Orchid Exporters In Thailand

Thailand can boast to claim that they have the most orchid species than anywhere in Asia. Orchids as a winter flowering species have made the country a strong source for export, where many Thai people can use their resourcefulness just to raise the plants. Thai orchid flowers have been the source of livelihood by several orchid exporters in Thailand. They are not only growing it but selling it locally and abroad.

As what many botanists say, Thailand has over 1200 orchid varieties, which include 150 endemic species, which is peculiar to the region. One of the most intriguing orchids is the Phalaenopsis, which is also known as the “moth orchid”. What makes this specific specie so appealing is that it doesn’t need soil to grow. It’s known as an epiphytic plant which can grow higher above sea level in the tree canopies of Thailand.

Generally, orchids are winter flowering varieties, and these varieties are available in Thailand and can be enjoyed all year round. They are fragrant and fleshy flowers, that’s why many people want to grow and raise it in their gardens. Some may also be grown in greenhouses so that an expected temperature can make them flower. This is probably the reason why orchid exporters in Thailand love to grow them as they can make good earnings from the plants. They make an excellent bloom whenever they flower.

As Thailand has a largely varying landscape, the orchids can easily adapt and grow anywhere. They can be high above the treetops and canopy, or just below our feet along the sides of streams. One variety of orchids that grow on lower lying areas is the Paphiopedilum. It’s actually an unusual type of orchid that will grow close to the ground and in dark, damp locations. The flower has vivid green with dark maroon markings between four to five leaves. The flower is also an option for orchid exporters in Thailand to grow and sell.

So, if you’re planning to buy any of the orchid varieties, just check out with some reputed orchid exporters in Thailand and be able to grow and raise the plants in your backyard.



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