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Benefits of Liveaboard Diving

Benefits of Liveaboard Diving

If you want to take your diving escapade to a new level, try Similan islands liveaboards, if you haven’t yet. Liveaboard diving is your typical diving activity with a twist. A typical diving session happens within a day or night, depending on your preference. However, with liveaboard diving, you get to stay for more than a day in a private yacht or sailboat doing nothing but doing what you love best and basking on sunshine or visiting picturesque islands when you are at “rest”. Liveaboard diving is even more popular in Asian countries such as in Thailand, where beaches are naturally breath-taking and seas are diving-perfect.

Liveaboard diving is becoming more and more popular due to the following reasons:

  • Multiple Diving in a day. For diving enthusiasts, the thought of doing multiple dives in a day could make their hearts skip a beat. If you are one of those who can’t get enough of diving, this adventure of a lifetime is for you. With multiple dives in a day, you get to explore the rich marine life of Similan Islands and its marine sanctuaries. If you are the adventurous type, you can even do your diving at night to discover spectacular nocturnal life under the sea.
  • Full relaxation amenities. The good thing about Similan islands liveaboards is that the trip does not only involve diving. The houseboats are equipped with amenities that promote relaxation after an adventure-filled diving activity. They have shaded and non-shaded sun decks where you can read or relax as you watch the sunset. The non-shaded sun decks are also perfect for that even tan that you have been aspiring for. You can also choose between indoor dining and outdoor dining, depending on the weather and your mood for the day.

Authentic local cuisine. Apart from that great diving experience, you also get to feel and taste authentic Asian menu that you can only experience at Similan islands liveaboards. You can also opt to have your own hostess that will attend to your every need and one who will assist you to make your diving trip an even more enjoyable one.