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How Great Content Earns Links

How Great Content Earns Links

In recent years, social has become a business tool that can be exploited in many different ways. First of all, social media has a deep and strong connection to one of the more important aspects of online marketing which is content. Quality and relevant content can generate a lot of likes and shares in social media but it is also important to harness the power of content in other platforms aside from Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

While it is actually good for a business to have content that gets shared by a large audience through social media, it won’t generate the long term results that a business aims for. Ideally, content must be able to attract quality links. It is much easier for a business to create quality and interesting content for link building strategies than engage in black hat SEO strategies to manipulate Google. However, content can only earn the right links if you do a good job with SEO. Make the business more competitive and do all the necessary efforts to ensure that content will be viewed by the right people who will do the link building.

Identify the right people who will share your content. In order to do this, make sure that content is not a sales pitch because it is very unlikely for your target audience to respond accordingly. If your content is a beneficial source of information, sharing it will likely help them, too. Eventually, people will start to link to your content.

It is also easier to attract links if you use respected knowledge and opinions because it makes content more credible. However make sure to cite your expert sources. Reach out to them by sending an email to show how much you value their work and that you have taken some of their ideas and injected a new take.

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