How Not To Be Bad At Plumbing: Avoiding Plumbing Fails

March 28, 2016 – If you’re new to plumbing and contracting, you probably have numerous enthusiastic ideas that may or may not take your business to the next level. However, enthusiasm sometimes also has its fails. There are times when plumbers and plumbing contractors fall prey to bad practices and habits that they don’t realize is ruining their careers and business.

If you’re just starting with your career, then it would be good for you to avoid the following plumbing fails.

  1. Become the low price leader. Trying to be the low price leader is nearly impossible because there will always be someone who is trying to be. Doing this can damn your business into failure.
  2. Focusing on the trade alone. You spend most of your day billing as many minutes as possible and not giving trainings and seminars a second thought. This is a bad habit. Not only can trainings and seminars give you new ideas, enhance your skills and even learn about new technologies, attending them also increases your credibility.
  3. Not trying new things. You always stick to what has always worked. In some ways this could be good but on the other hand, it keeps you limited. Remember, the world is changing rapidly and if you’re not careful, you’d get stuck within the confines of the old traditional ways and get left behind by the much progressive and modern world.
  4. Rejecting employee uniforms. You feel as if wearing a uniform in your company is just a waste of time and resources. But remember this: uniforms make you more presentable and can give you a professional vibe that tells people to trust you.
  5. Not expanding. You are just content with the business you have today and the jobs you are getting without prior need for expansion. However, businesses are meant to be expanded and improved. Never reject the opportunities that come your way and be open to all the possibilities.
  6. Charging based on time and material. This will not make you look like an honest person. Instead, it would make you look greedy. People trust plumbers who present their customers with a flat rate.
  7. Not marketing enough. You only trust that your customers would spread the news about your company. With all the marketing opportunities present in today’s generation, it would be folly not to expand your horizons and try them. If you take time to research, you would find out that the successful plumbing companies like Pro-Jett Rotherham are those who make use of multiple marketing strategies such as online marketing.