Residents In Sydney Not Happy About Poisoned Bees

The Woollahara Municipal Council is currently receiving heat because of the residents who are not happy about their move to poison a nest in Paddington filled with bees. The result is that around 50,000 of the European honey bees were killed. This is not a usual method of pest control in Sydney as they value bees as part of the ecosystem.

Aside from the disappointed residents, a member of the advocate group Urban Beehive, Doug Purdie said that they are ways by which the hive should have been relocated. These methods are often free and will ensure that the nest from Glen Street is transferred in the proper methods.

He said that there are many people who are professionally equipped in relocating beehives thus they are confused as to the decision of the council to spray it instead. Many are frustrated because they used poison to deal with the bees.

According to a spokesperson for the council, they received a complaint coming from a local resident regarding the nest and they contacted beekeepers but none responded to their calls. They received the residents’ request to handle the hive which is making them worry.

The spokesperson added that they tried contacting pest control as an alternative and the workers there said that the nest can be sprayed.

The residents said that the pest control should have conducted an assessment before deciding on the best course of action. Now, many residents are angry regarding their actions and they started an online petition which seeks justice for the 50,000 bees that were killed during the process. They are also demanding that the Woollahra Municipal Council should offer an apology as well as make a new bill which is to be called the Bee Conservation Act.

According to them, bees play a very crucial role when it comes to the ecosystem and the entire world is already facing challenges regarding the continued decline in the number of bee colonies around the globe. It is not helping if pest control in Sydney and all over the world is not taught about their importance and how to handle them in cases such as this.

Recordkeeping Important In Tax Audit

Restaurant owners should know that recordkeeping is very important not just for the daily operation of the restaurant but also for the sales taxes. The business will be negatively affected if does not adhere to the law. Mishandled sales as well as taxes can be the end for the business. Recordkeeping coupled with audit insurance such as audit shield will ensure that your business is protected.

Sales taxes are unavoidable for people who have their own restaurant or if they are investing in one. Restaurant sales come with tax and according to the law, all transactions including purchases and sales, should be well documented. In addition, sales tax such as payroll taxes are considered to be trust fund taxes and the owner or investor of the restaurant has the liability for tax debts incurred by the trust fund.

For restaurant owners, the most important records such as sales transactions and purchase transactions. Sales transactions include sales, amount for every sale, the tax charged for every sale, the tax collected for every sale and documents concerning tax exemptions. Recordkeeping of the receipts, cash register tape, sales slip, guest check and invoice should be well organized.

For purchase transactions, records such as cost of goods, janitorial services, supplies and other purchase records should be kept. Each of the purchase record must indicate if sales taxes have already been paid or if there are taxes due. These expenses will also show if the sales you have in record is a match.

For POS systems, make sure that it is setup correctly and all transactions are properly recorded. The records from the POS must match the receipts of the business included in the record. Therefore, you are the owner or investor, must have control with the POS system to make sure that it is accurate and all transaction records are complete.

If the recordkeeping is not accurate and you get audited, you might be facing some trouble ahead. This is where audit insurance such as audit shield comes in because in case of any errors on your part, you will be covered and your restaurant might be able to recover.

Dural’s Billyard Homes  Fined Over Head Injury

Billyard Homes Pty Limited got sent to the courtroom a while back due to one of their contractors, one of the many plasterers in Sydney, suffering a head injury after experiencing a 2.5m fall in a West Pennant Hills building site.

The Dural-based company lost the prosecution, and has been fine $60,000 plus the accompanying legal costs, on the verdict of having failed to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the worker that ended up suffering a dangerous brain injury back in June of 2015.

Matt Kean, the Better Regulation Minister, stated that Billyard Homes was the primary contractor at the building site where Yin Peng Zhang, fell into an unguarded hole at 6 Yarralumla Way, West Pennant Hills, Sydney.

According to the Sydney Court District, Mr. Zhang was working on an upper level of the construction site, plastering the nail holes in the construction, on June 29,2015, when he unfortunately fell down into an unguarded hole and straight into the ground floor below.

The SCD, according to Mr. Kean, heard that Mr. Zhang sustained several severe injuries, including major damage to his brain, which resulted in him being unable to either work or continue his education.

Court documentation on Mr. Zhang shows that he has been in Australia, working as one of the many plasterers in Sydney, via a student visa complimented by work allowances, and had been in the country since December of 2013. The documentations say that Mr. Zhang suffered sever trauma to the frontal areas of the brain, as well as other head injuries as a result of his fall.

According to Mr. Kean, the investigation, conducted by SafeWork, had discovered that the company had failed to take the necessary safety precautions as the scaffolding in the area was not inspected, nor was it ensured that fall prevention measures were set in the site.

Mr. Kean says that, sadly, eight people have already died in Sydney in work-related falls in 2017. He says that not only are they deadly, but anyone who survives might end up severely disadvantaged, like Mr. Zhang. Kean has expressed his intention to avoid any incident like this.

A Billyard Homes rep went to the court and pleaded guilty on behalf on the company under the jurisdiction of Judge David Russell, who then imposed the $60,000 fine on the third week of November.

CRA Communicating With PayPal Regarding Business Information

The Canada Revenue Agency has mandated PayPal to send their information regarding the account holders of the said business. Tax officials are currently searching for businesses that fail to report their entire income to the agency. This is the reason why accountants need to have CRA audit protection to avoid unexpected fees and charges.

According to the company, an order from the Federal Court mandates them to provide the needed information regarding business accounts that have either sent or received a payment from January 1, 2014 until November 10 of this year.

Private information of customers who are enrolled under personal accounts in PayPal will not be disclosed.

The company said that they have already notified customers that will be affected by the order and they are open to be contacted anytime for any questions and concerns. They have already updated their Help Centre for customers to know about the orders they were given and their responsibility to report.

Furthermore, the request will only be granted one time and the information will be sent to the CRA. Business accounts that are under the Canadian PayPal with transactions from the year 2014 until 2017 will be included in the report. The request is not an ongoing one as feared by others. It is common for the CRA to request a court order every now and then as they are following the Excise Tax Act as well as the Income Tax Act. These are made to make sure organizations will provide information necessary with regards to a business or an individual. The information will be used solely for the purpose of tax reporting.

Other companies have received a Federal Court order before including eBay Canada in 2009 and in 2016 the Square Canada was also sent one. These companies were requested to send information regarding specific customers to the CRA.

Patrick Samson, the spokesperson of CRA, said that the underground economy has a negative impact to the tax base in Canada, the consumers as well as the businesses. This is why the CRA is encouraging everyone to comply with measures regarding taxes to makes sure that the process is fair.

This is why many businesses and accounting firms are seeking CRA audit protection in order to have their businesses and companies covered in times like this.

Local Gift Centers The Perfect Place For Buying Gift Arts

The holiday season is here and everyone would be thinking about the gift they should buy for the art lover in their life. For cheap and personalised art works, go for shops such as Beyond a Word or you can visit your local gifting center.

Art lovers are quite hard to pick gifts for especially if you don’t have any idea about art. The one thing you should keep in mind is that they will appreciate the effort knowing that you recognize their love for art.

Family members should know that the artist in their family does not need additional appliances in the kitchen or beddings and towels. It is also not wise to buy clothes for other people except if you know what they like when it comes to fashion. There are simple ones who would appreciate a good book or an artwork. Gift certificates are also ideal Christmas gifts because they would be able to buy the ones they really like.

Majority of people associate art with painting alone but it can be in any form. Art can be in the form of a handmade jewelry, sculpture, pottery, wood works, handmade furniture and personalised word art. If you want something unique, you don’t have to choose wall hangings but rather art in items such as pillows, coasters, shirts, coffee mugs and cutting boards.

These items differ in prices and if you don’t want to buy in chain retailers, you can visit your local gift centers. This is where most of local artists put their arts for sale.

If you choose to give an art work that can be hanged on the wall, consider about getting it framed. Yes, it will cost an additional fee but it will be worth it because your recipient might not have the budget for framing which removes the point of gifting a wall hanging artwork.

There are artworks that come in standard sizes such as the ones in Beyond a Word where you can buy frames from the store. This does not cost a lot compared to custom framing.

Consumers Want Everything To Be Just A Click Or Voice Command Away

Technology has a strong impact on the growth of the hospitality industry in order to build good relations with customers. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twittter, etc. are playing a dominant role in the internet marketing strategies of Hotel near Central Embassy. It is easier to make it known to customers that a hotel is conveniently located to an embassy through social media posts and tweets.

Consumers today have become more tech savvy. They want internet connected services to take care of everyday tasks, some of them repetitive. Consumers also want the option to choose services according to their taste and preferences. It is user-friendly technology that brings them to hotels that promise to deliver their needs. When the delivery of services is consistent, the hotel can expect return customers.

These are some of the lessons that were shared by CTAM on their new study of connected consumers that was made by research firm Magid. The research focused on the early adopters of Internet of Things (IoT) and people who were interested in obtaining smart home products. CTAM plans to release the results of the research to marketers after a discussion in New York with the cable and telecommunications marketing association’s “Advanced Video and Insights + analytic councils.

According to Vicki Lins, CEO of CTAM, the research pointed out the different opportunities present for cable companies and programmers even if the brands that consumer relies on are the connected tech solutions provided by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple.

Consumers have a wide range of choices and cable can win a share of customers if serve their customers well and continue to introduce voice-enable search and other efficient innovations that can save time. Cable companies have to ensure that they are providing customers with reliable broadband so that everything will just be a click or voice command away.

Foreign visitors have the option of Hotel near Central Embassy when they visit Thailand. The hotel is located in the heart of Bangkok and offers all conveniences and facilities that will satisfy even the most stringent requirements. Public transport is walking distance from the hotel to make it easy to connect to other parts of the city.