Local Gift Centers The Perfect Place For Buying Gift Arts

Local Gift Centers The Perfect Place For Buying Gift Arts

The holiday season is here and everyone would be thinking about the gift they should buy for the art lover in their life. For cheap and personalised art works, go for shops such as Beyond a Word or you can visit your local gifting center.

Art lovers are quite hard to pick gifts for especially if you don’t have any idea about art. The one thing you should keep in mind is that they will appreciate the effort knowing that you recognize their love for art.

Family members should know that the artist in their family does not need additional appliances in the kitchen or beddings and towels. It is also not wise to buy clothes for other people except if you know what they like when it comes to fashion. There are simple ones who would appreciate a good book or an artwork. Gift certificates are also ideal Christmas gifts because they would be able to buy the ones they really like.

Majority of people associate art with painting alone but it can be in any form. Art can be in the form of a handmade jewelry, sculpture, pottery, wood works, handmade furniture and personalised word art. If you want something unique, you don’t have to choose wall hangings but rather art in items such as pillows, coasters, shirts, coffee mugs and cutting boards.

These items differ in prices and if you don’t want to buy in chain retailers, you can visit your local gift centers. This is where most of local artists put their arts for sale.

If you choose to give an art work that can be hanged on the wall, consider about getting it framed. Yes, it will cost an additional fee but it will be worth it because your recipient might not have the budget for framing which removes the point of gifting a wall hanging artwork.

There are artworks that come in standard sizes such as the ones in Beyond a Word where you can buy frames from the store. This does not cost a lot compared to custom framing.

Consumers Want Everything To Be Just A Click Or Voice Command Away

Consumers Want Everything To Be Just A Click Or Voice Command Away

Technology has a strong impact on the growth of the hospitality industry in order to build good relations with customers. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twittter, etc. are playing a dominant role in the internet marketing strategies of Hotel near Central Embassy. It is easier to make it known to customers that a hotel is conveniently located to an embassy through social media posts and tweets.

Consumers today have become more tech savvy. They want internet connected services to take care of everyday tasks, some of them repetitive. Consumers also want the option to choose services according to their taste and preferences. It is user-friendly technology that brings them to hotels that promise to deliver their needs. When the delivery of services is consistent, the hotel can expect return customers.

These are some of the lessons that were shared by CTAM on their new study of connected consumers that was made by research firm Magid. The research focused on the early adopters of Internet of Things (IoT) and people who were interested in obtaining smart home products. CTAM plans to release the results of the research to marketers after a discussion in New York with the cable and telecommunications marketing association’s “Advanced Video and Insights + analytic councils.

According to Vicki Lins, CEO of CTAM, the research pointed out the different opportunities present for cable companies and programmers even if the brands that consumer relies on are the connected tech solutions provided by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple.

Consumers have a wide range of choices and cable can win a share of customers if serve their customers well and continue to introduce voice-enable search and other efficient innovations that can save time. Cable companies have to ensure that they are providing customers with reliable broadband so that everything will just be a click or voice command away.

Foreign visitors have the option of Hotel near Central Embassy when they visit Thailand. The hotel is located in the heart of Bangkok and offers all conveniences and facilities that will satisfy even the most stringent requirements. Public transport is walking distance from the hotel to make it easy to connect to other parts of the city.

Photographs Transformed Into Canvas Art Through Messenger Bot

Photographs Transformed Into Canvas Art Through Messenger Bot

Lucy is a busy mother of two kids. Her phone has thousands of photographs with several special shots that she wants to be transformedinto canvas art prints. She uses Messenger to keep in touch with friends. One of the moms that she usually chats with shared a link to new Messenger bot so that Lucy can enjoy 20% discounts off canvas prints.

What are Chatbots for Messenger? Chatbot is a computer program that simulates how humans will react with a normal conversational partner. Chatbots are now very popular for customer service and acquisition of information. Chatbots for Messenger can help an individual find and buy concert tickets or look for the favorite basketball team’s recent stats.

However, aside from the help they provide, Messenger Chatbots help online users to monetize on their Facebook fan pages. The Chatbots provide huge opportunities to gain instant ROI by taking advantage of the overwhelming number of active Facebook users that exchange photographs and messages through the social media platform.

Anton Pereiaslavtsev, the CEO and founder of Zebra Instant made it his mission to create Chatbots that will provide consumers with frictionless shopping experience and huge revenue increase for the influencers. 17 billion photographs are being exchanged by Messenger users every month; however, there is no easy way to transform these photographs into tangible products. With the Zebra Instant on Messenger, users can immediately turn their favorite photographs into products like canvas art prints that can be shared with family and friends.

The bot was inspired by people who are already bored with installing and learning new apps. Bots are useful and can be used easily because they are available into an interface that is already familiar to online users. Messenger was decided upon to be the perfect launch pad for the bot.

The perfect personalized gift that you can give your family or friends is a canvas art from a favorite photograph. There are literally unlimited choices from photographs of special moments that capture the joy and excitement of a unique holiday. The piece of art can be conveniently hanged on the wall so that the happiness and excitement of the special moment can be shared in the room.

How B2B’s Reach Their Target Audience Through Online Marketing Techniques

How B2B’s Reach Their Target Audience Through Online Marketing Techniques

According to experts in internet marketing strategies, B2B companies must leverage on social media marketing so that they can effectively reach their target audience and generate leads. Many companies are still using traditional online marketing techniques but they are now transitioning to a more digitally-focused marketing plan. However, it is important to avoid mistakes when expanding brand awareness online.

• B2B companies have a choice between paid analytic programs or free analytics provided by social media platforms. No matter the choice, it is critical to use analytics to gain visibility on what platforms are generating the best results, what advertisements are gaining good responses, bounce rates, page views and what content generates the most likes and shares. Information collected will help refine the internet marketing strategy.

• It is very important for B2B companies to identify their target audience so that content can be created according to their requirements. Content must always have a consistent voice for brand recognition. Generic posts will not generate the results you expect and it will only cost you money, time and efforts.

• Internet marketing must reach the target audience with frequency because one hit does not immediately generate an impression. Quality content must be disseminated regularly for brand recognition, likes, shares and followers.

• To optimize the website for SEO, do not forget to include social sharing buttons, backlinks and the right keywords on the title, images, headers and footers. Make sure that the website design is optimized for mobile so that the business can be easily accessed through mobile phones.

• Always make the effort to standout from the competition. Figure out ways on how to help consumers in the best possible way through your online marketing strategies. Make sure that the brand is the focus of all your strategies. Always be patient and do not cease with the campaign even if you have gained momentum because internet marketing is a never-ending process.

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Replacing The Internet Architecture With Something Better

Replacing The Internet Architecture With Something Better

Miguel Ponce de Leon, chief architect and researcher of Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) wants to replace the internet with something better because it will be useless when 5G comes along. De Leon is a part of an EU-based research project called Pristine that aims to develop RINA (Recursive InterNetwork Architecture) a type of computer network architecture that will unify distributed computing and telecoms.

According to De Leon, the internet architecture that people and businesses use today with broadband, Wi-Fi and mobile is inefficient. Once 5G is deployed in the future, the internet architecture will be useless. RINA proposes a theory on how a communications network must be built. TSSG researchers have combined the theories of John Day, grandfather of the internet and Louis Pouzin, one of the creators of the original ARPANet.

If you think about present-day internet that was developed in the later part of 1960, mobility and security were not considered. De Leon and his team delved into the foundation of the internet and interviewed Louis Pouzin who shared an idea in the form of a diagram on how to move packets of data around a network. Louis Pouzin provided a lot of insights on different alternatives that can be used.

De Leon says that if you will look at how cloud data centres are put together through the use of virtual machines, you can see that it can seamlessly replace the current architecture of the internet. The current limitations of the internet can be seen when homes and offices experience congestion control when users are accessing games and apps. Sometimes, it is very difficult to connect to an app. All the proposals sound wonderful but the question is when will it happen?

One of the best technology tools introduced to the market is HR software in Thailand that assists HR professionals in the performance of their tasks and in managing huge amounts of employee data. The software is a great timesaver because the system can schedule performance evaluations and employee benefits with automatic notifications to remind human resources that certain actions have to be performed. If HR is not digitized, now is the best time to review the system.

Get To Know The Extraordinary Catfish That Swam The Entire South America

Get To Know The Extraordinary Catfish That Swam The Entire South America

When it comes to freshwater fish migration, the dorado catfish is considered to be the world title holder. It has to swim over 7,200 miles during its migration period. This incredible fish resides in the Amazon River and it is named dorado catfish because of its shimmering skin. The catfish can reach up to 6 feet long and its scientific name is Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii. It is suspected to belong in a family species of goliath catfish because of its great accomplishments when it comes to migration.

A team of scientists from all over the globe have recently confirmed this suspicion. The dorado catfish is now the record holder for having the longest fish migration in the world under the exclusive freshwater category. If one has to read the extraordinary life-cycle journey of the dorado, it will seem like a dream come true for adventurers because it has almost swum the entire width of the continent of South America.

The study started with four different species of goliath catfish that deposits their eggs in the western part of the Amazon. The dorado which is considered the long distance hero starts its journey as adults and pre-adults. Starting at the estuary in the Amazon River, it will begin trekking upriver until it reaches the spawning area located in and around the Ander Mountains. After the breeding fish have spawned, they do not come back to the nursery areas while the newborn catfish does. They have to complete the cycle by migrating thousands of kilometres going in the opposite direction.

It was discovered that the life-cycle migration of the dorado is around 11,600 kilometres or over 7,200 miles. The four species that were included in the studies are considered the most vital commercial species found in the country where they live but they are currently in danger because of development plans. There are many factors that affect these travellers including dams, mining operations and constant deforestation. With the help of the recent data, they hope that there will be a better conservation plan executed to preserve these extraordinary catfish.

If you are jealous of the record holder traveling catfish, book your next trip to South America soon with the help of online portals such as