How To Choose A Voice To Text Dictation Software

With all its convenience, you can easily find a lot of voice to text dictation software on the internet. Because there are a lot of service providers, you might be challenged to choose which of them offers more features while keeping your budget safe. Here are some points that you should check before deciding on buying a software.

Highly customizable

Choose a voice to text software that allows you to apply the settings you want to reflect on your text messages or documents. There are voice to text software that allows you to apply the colour of your choice, the words and names you want to customize especially those that are hard to spell or names with different spellings. You can even find software that offer canned answers so you won’t have to create a new email or document when you can just make use of templates or similar documents that you used previously.

99.5% accuracy

Search for a voice to text dictation software that offers 99.5% accuracy. This way, you won’t worry about sending a message with wrong context or poorly spelled words. Accuracy is important especially if you are sending business emails or important documents that are in lined with your job.

Easy to use

Technologies are available to make things easier. Thus, choose a software that allows you to utilize it without the hassles. There are voice to text software that allows you to enjoy it by merely pressing Ctrl+D or the control button followed by D. The options are easy to follow and customization can be done even by those who are not computer or tech-savvy.

Offers free 30 day trial

You can find a lot of service providers of voice to text dictation software but choose one that allows you to try their product for free within 30 days. This will make it easier for you to decide if the product is for you. Aside from a free trial, the technology should be affordable such as a mere $2.49 a month or $29.88 a year. With the meagre amount, you can enjoy sending text messages and emails or creating documents without the hassle.

What To Know About Web Hosting Services?

You may have tried reading an article or clicking a link from Facebook, Twitter or Google search, only to see that you are waiting for nothing. The article doesn’t even load or the images are broken. This may be the site and your hosting service that you are referring to. It calls for no worries as you can get to know the qualities of having a good web host.

Once you have chosen a good web host, it will furnish specific qualities that aid you to separate it from your competitors. Now you need to make up wise choices. Unfavorable web hosts offer you slower service access, which makes data transfer really slow. To enlighten you, see features below that make up a good web hosting company.

  • A Website Speed Guarantee

You need to check if the web host provides a site speed guarantee. There are those who will write the details and tell you the loading speed is 20x faster for a specific package. The guarantee might not essentially provide a cheaper price. So why not settle for an upgraded shared host package or VPS to acquire appropriate site speed guarantees.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Some may not consider this essential, but having areliable web hosting service can offer an easy-to-use interface for users. In here, you can easily add new domains, schedule backups, check resource usage, and install things like WordPress.

  • Support

A reliable technical support will make you compete well online. Good web host services provide around the clock support with multiple options, to include emails, live chats, phone calls and social media. They also furnish a FAQ page to resolve common issues by yourself.

It can be really difficult to select the best hosting company. Small businesses and bloggers must begin with a reliable shared web host package, unless they foresee bigger amounts of traffic. Consider all features before making your choice for a web host company. You can start by testing the support through free trials and see how fast they can respond. This is also a technique to inform you what the company is about.

How B2B’s Reach Their Target Audience Through Online Marketing Techniques

According to experts in internet marketing strategies, B2B companies must leverage on social media marketing so that they can effectively reach their target audience and generate leads. Many companies are still using traditional online marketing techniques but they are now transitioning to a more digitally-focused marketing plan. However, it is important to avoid mistakes when expanding brand awareness online.

• B2B companies have a choice between paid analytic programs or free analytics provided by social media platforms. No matter the choice, it is critical to use analytics to gain visibility on what platforms are generating the best results, what advertisements are gaining good responses, bounce rates, page views and what content generates the most likes and shares. Information collected will help refine the internet marketing strategy.

• It is very important for B2B companies to identify their target audience so that content can be created according to their requirements. Content must always have a consistent voice for brand recognition. Generic posts will not generate the results you expect and it will only cost you money, time and efforts.

• Internet marketing must reach the target audience with frequency because one hit does not immediately generate an impression. Quality content must be disseminated regularly for brand recognition, likes, shares and followers.

• To optimize the website for SEO, do not forget to include social sharing buttons, backlinks and the right keywords on the title, images, headers and footers. Make sure that the website design is optimized for mobile so that the business can be easily accessed through mobile phones.

• Always make the effort to standout from the competition. Figure out ways on how to help consumers in the best possible way through your online marketing strategies. Make sure that the brand is the focus of all your strategies. Always be patient and do not cease with the campaign even if you have gained momentum because internet marketing is a never-ending process.

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Five Tech Giants To Boost Research On Artificial Intelligence

Five of the world’s top notch tech companies that include Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and Google are joining hands to boost research for artificial intelligence (AI). Partnership for AI means that these companies will be discussing advancements while conducting several researches on artificial intelligence for the benefit of people and society.

The digital giants will develop standards and best practices that should be abided by researchers. It is highly unusual for the five tech giants to come together but now it is here. The organization does not intend to lobby governments or policymaking bodies, it simply wants to address opportunities and challenges through AI technologies.

Initial financial investments will come from the Partnership for AI until other stakeholders will join to increase funding. According to Mustafa Suleyman, the co-founder and head of Applied AI, they want involvement from non-corporate groups aside from the large tech companies. The power of AI will be on the enterprise sector because it will be society that will benefit from artificial intelligence. Non-corporate groups will be working alongside the giant companies to develop the best products and services that will be powered by machine learning.

According to Francesca Rossi, AI ethics researcher at IBM Research, society in general has to trust artificial intelligence to enjoy its full benefits. The next interface will be AI powered bots that will shape interactions with applications and devices. AI chat bots will fundamentally revolutionize the way that people experience their computers and devices. Devices that rely only on Microsoft’s latest solutions are set to change the way HP interacts with customers and partners.

However, an early summer study revealed that 26% of consumers do not trust robots or AI-based machines for personal and professional tasks. The same research also revealed that 54% do not use them even with the popularity of Siri and other similar features.

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The Negative Aspects Of Modern Web Design That Affect Conversions

The world of web design is quickly changing and if you aren’t careful enough, you might get left behind. Remember, as technology changes and advances, so will web design. However, there are instances where modern web design can affect the website negatively. How is this so? Isn’t conforming to the modern technologies and tools used in modern web design necessary in order to keep up? Yes, but not always. There will always be complications to this. Progress can sometimes hinder itself when left unchecked.

Right now, web designers have an assortment of tools that they can use to make websites look cooler. However, not all of these tools are helpful or necessary for the website’s growth. Remember, you don’t always have to be updated with the latest trends or technology. You should be able to filter out the things that can prove useful for your website from the things that can’t.

Here are some instances where modern web design gets in the way of conversion.

  1. With Distracting Animation. Animation, when used the right way, can help the website become more engaging. It can also help the visitors to be directed to the website’s more important areas. However, excessive use or misuse of animation can turn on your website. Instead of making your website engaging, it will become chaotic and even confusing to your visitors.
  2. Extremely Complicated Navigation. Navigation plays a great role in the usability and user experience of the website. Remember that you only have a few seconds to gain the attention of a potential customer that is why it is important that all the necessary and relevant information is easily accessible. Unfortunately, this can be hard to achieve when the navigation is too complex for the user to comprehend or if it is difficult to find.
  3. Ineffective Call to Actions. Call to actions also play an important role in converting traffic into sales but if a call-to-action is hidden or ineffective, then it is practically useless.
  4. Slow Loading Speed. Page abandonment is one of the biggest problems that websites suffer from. Unfortunately, if your website has a slow loading speed due to all the unnecessary elements that are intended to make your website look cooler it can greatly contribute to page abandonment.

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Effective Tips For High Quality Product Design

Have you ever wondered why most successful companies are successful? There can only be one answer to that: “great products coupled with great product design”. Of course, there would have to be other factors as well that are at play like the company’s quality of service, customer experience, marketing, but none as important as the product itself because the products are the very reason why customers are there in the first place.

For this reason, it is important that you give enough focus on product design. Try to make them as appealing as possible to attract more customers. You can make use of product designer software and other platforms related to that but in the end, your product would have to appeal to the consumers. What’s more important is that your products actually work. You can enhance the appearance of your product over and over but unless it actually works, only then would consumers pile up.

Here are some effective tips for bringing out great product design as shared by Apple.

  1. Improve on quality. There can only be improvements in your product design. What you should do is to always think of ways to improve the quality of your products in order to further strengthen their effectiveness not only in terms of application but in market performance as well.
  2. Never be afraid of changes. Do not fear change. Have you ever noticed the changes in the Apple products over the years? There are always lots of changes, products morphing into better products. Let change be constant and improvements even more.
  3. Always stay ahead. Always strive to be the best in your trade and never ever let go of that seat.
  4. Never rush. You should always spend a lot of time on product design. Remember, the most effective products takes work and risks.
  5. Learn to take risks. When your product isn’t working anymore, learn to take risks. Find out what is wrong and make that the center of your improvements. Turn your flaws into assets.
  6. Consider the customers. Every complaint, compliment and suggestion should be heard because the customers DO count. Customers know what other customers want.
  7. Be consistent. Once you begin something, make sure to persist on it. The most successful product designs are those that are consistent, high quality, appealing and ones that actually work!