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Create A Conversation With Your Audience Through Live Streaming

Create A Conversation With Your Audience Through Live Streaming

Businesses have always made use of Facebook as a marketing tool. Aside from being able to interact with the target audience, Facebook has a new feature. Facebook has provided a tool for businesses so that they can leverage on the increasing demand for video content. It is very easy to stream live video on Facebook by selecting the Publish option on the Verified Page and choosing Live Video.

If you are the owner of the verified page, you can check how many people are viewing the live event while the broadcast is going on. Viewers who are interested can watch the video after it has been published in your timeline or they can subscribe to your live events that you will launch in future. Viewers can make use of the Facebook “emojis” so that they can share their mood on the video they are watching. This is a basic rundown on how Facebook’s live streaming works but don’t just implement it for your marketing campaign; there are tricks that will allow you to enjoy its fullest potential.

Before you post video, make sure that the content has quality. There must be a theme for the live event, something you can focus on which the audience will appreciate. Make sure that your audience is well informed about the broadcast through your social media platform. Be flexible and always plan ahead for technical difficulties you may encounter during live streaming. Develop a plan so that you can update your audience if you lose streaming ability.

Make variations of your live streams. You can try to make short videos and sometimes longer videos as the need arises. For example, you can do live streaming of product demonstrations, trainings or company tours. Encourage the audience to interact with your live stream. Allow them to ask questions but be prepared to give informative answers. If the audience is involved with your live streams, they will never be bored.

For example, if your business is about Personalized gifts, you can live stream different ways of putting initials on visors, quilted bags or gingham table napkins. You can teach your audience the proper way of personalizing their gifts to make them extra special.