It Is Inevitable For The Internet To Split In The Future

The hospitality industry certainly needs the internet because it allows travellers to book for accommodations no matter what part of the world they are in. For example, travellers who want to book a room at the hotel in Ploenchit, only need to access the website to make a reservation. Yes, indeed, the internet has become a standard part of life and as ubiquitous as the air we breathe.

However, in the near future, internet users may be forced to deal with the effects of an internet “split” or the possibility of a fractured internet. The most likely scenario will be a bifurcation into a Chinese-led internet and a non-Chinese internet that will be led by the United States. It is very likely that China will lead the split.

According to Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and executive chairman of Alphabet, China has an ideal environment for internet-based economic activities. There are enormous numbers of impressive companies offering dynamic new services that are intended for the Chinese population. However, the dominance of China particularly their leadership in products and services has its share of downsides.

Up until now, the internet has been largely independent and self-sustaining even with its global reach. Protocols are heavily standardized with an open-source base that can be copied and followed indefinitely. Different processes like the creation and transfer of domain names are universally accepted. The internet has been resistant to any attempts that will change its core standards even if it is new rules and regulations issued by the government.

However, the basic protocols and standards where the internet was based have been developed years ago. These protocols must be refreshed. It makes sense for a country or region in the world to have some form of control on how protocols are implemented. Certain freedoms can be sacrificed particularly in countries that require censorship.

If a split happens, it will be slow and gradual with plenty of time to prepare. Meanwhile, enjoy yourself at hotel in Ploenchit and the multitude of attractions that Bangkok offers. The hotel is just a short walk away from the BTS Sky Train Ploenchit Station making it convenient to travel to other tourist destinations.

Be Booked In The Best Hotel In Saigon To Enjoy All Its Major Sights

Ho Chi Minh City is what Saigon used to be in Vietnam. To come to this gorgeous city is to be introduced to a spectacular blend of old and new culture, a vigorous city of sky scrapers and traffic positioned with several traditional markets and ancient temples. Whether you’re here to exclusively visit Ho Chi Minh City or proceed to other places in Vietnam, you’ll surely enjoy the city’s energy and local gems awaiting to be discovered. Therefore, you’ll start the trip by venturing into the best hotel in Saigon for your accommodation.

Must See Sights in the City

You’ll want to be booked in the best hotel in Saigon, which is accessible to restaurants, ancient temples and markets all featuring its culture and history. If you’re here at Ho Chi Minh City, you need to visit these great sights, such as:

  • The Cao Dai Temple

Before visitingthis famous temple, ensure you are booked with a tour guide as the location is close to the Cambodian border. It’s about 100 kilometres northwest of Ho Chi Minh City in the Long Than Village near the Tay Ninh town.

  • The War Remnants Museum

The War Remnants Museum showcasesexhibits and photographs of the Vietnam war. It’smainly aimed for foreign visitors who want to know what really happened during the Vietnam-American war.

  • Nga Hang Ngoh

It’s one of the city’s most renowned restaurants, offering Vietnamese specialties. Be delighted with their comprehensive menu of Vietnamese dishes, English-speaking waiters and spectacular ambiance.

  • The Jade Emperor Pagoda

It’s a spectacular atmospheric temple built in 1909 to honour the supreme Taoist god, the Jade Emperor Ngoc Hoang. Statues of the grotesque heroes and ghostly divinitiescan also be seen.

  • The underground tunnels of Cu Chi

The network of tunnels served a major role to the combat operations, including the base for a Communist attack against nearby Saigon.

When to Visit this Spectacular City

If you really want to enjoy your trip to Saigon, you need to be here between December and April, when it is warm and dry. If you come here during May to November, there will be lots of rain, which makes the city wet and difficult to explore. So, bring an umbrella for shade and ensure you’re booked in the best hotel in Saigon for accommodation.

Consumers Want Everything To Be Just A Click Or Voice Command Away

Technology has a strong impact on the growth of the hospitality industry in order to build good relations with customers. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twittter, etc. are playing a dominant role in the internet marketing strategies of Hotel near Central Embassy. It is easier to make it known to customers that a hotel is conveniently located to an embassy through social media posts and tweets.

Consumers today have become more tech savvy. They want internet connected services to take care of everyday tasks, some of them repetitive. Consumers also want the option to choose services according to their taste and preferences. It is user-friendly technology that brings them to hotels that promise to deliver their needs. When the delivery of services is consistent, the hotel can expect return customers.

These are some of the lessons that were shared by CTAM on their new study of connected consumers that was made by research firm Magid. The research focused on the early adopters of Internet of Things (IoT) and people who were interested in obtaining smart home products. CTAM plans to release the results of the research to marketers after a discussion in New York with the cable and telecommunications marketing association’s “Advanced Video and Insights + analytic councils.

According to Vicki Lins, CEO of CTAM, the research pointed out the different opportunities present for cable companies and programmers even if the brands that consumer relies on are the connected tech solutions provided by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple.

Consumers have a wide range of choices and cable can win a share of customers if serve their customers well and continue to introduce voice-enable search and other efficient innovations that can save time. Cable companies have to ensure that they are providing customers with reliable broadband so that everything will just be a click or voice command away.

Foreign visitors have the option of Hotel near Central Embassy when they visit Thailand. The hotel is located in the heart of Bangkok and offers all conveniences and facilities that will satisfy even the most stringent requirements. Public transport is walking distance from the hotel to make it easy to connect to other parts of the city.