Millennial Business Owners Are Taking Over Franchising Business Path

Millennial Business Owners Are Taking Over Franchising Business Path

Most profitable businesses today are owned and operated by young adults who have graduated from college and who have had the experience of watching their parents climb the corporate ladder to success. The young adults of this generation give business a new perspective by being more digitally connected and tech savvy than their elders. In most instances, profit is not the main goal but people and the planet.

Josh and Dan Steppling are examples of new generation business owners who are attracting the millennial population. They own two store locations at the same time that they are managing six more franchises. According to them, millennial business owners are different from their elders because of the collective sense of responsibility. Josh and Dan want to cultivate a culture of inclusion, social responsibility and accountability. Traditional management treated employees as replaceable pieces of a company. As business owners, Josh and Dan want employees to be happy and comfortable while they please customers with products and services that provide true value.

If employees are treated like family, Dan Steppling believes that a su ccessful working environment can be easily created. People take notice of a business that is willing to support local charities and causes. However, building a healthy and trustworthy brand is very important because millennial customers are more than willing to pay extra for products and services that are beneficial to the environment.

Building positive brand perception is difficult considering that millennials make up one-fourth of the United States’ population. Since the millennial population is the target audience, the product must appeal to this specific demographic. The key to success is to persuade these people during the digital shopping process to visit the physical store. It is also important to be aware of keywords like organic, farm-raised and antibiotic-free because consumers are more educated and health conscious.

If you lose your way and do not know where you are the best tool is a map. But do you know that there is a different kind of map from what you are familiar with? Illustrated Maps are designed in an artistic manner to help you find a location faster.

Office Equipped With Plumbing And Electricity, 3D Printed In Dubai

Office Equipped With Plumbing And Electricity, 3D Printed In Dubai

If you are looking for a new space to work in then you should be able to get a new one with the help of a giant 3D printer that has the ability to build you a new office space.

While some people would have to go through architects, engineers and contractors to get a new office built, Dubai is able to 3D print them just like that.

A new innovation was revealed recently, the first ever office that was created with the help of 3D printing. It will be the new home of the Dubai Future Foundation.

The office was printed and finished within 17 days with the help of a cement mixture. It is different from the plastic material that is generally used by many desktop 3D printers. The printer that was used to build the office was 20 feet in height, the length is 120 feet and the width is 40 feet.

The new building is a one storey establishment with a total floor area of 250 square meters. Inside are a few offices, spaces for the desk of the staff as well as rooms that can be used for workshops.

According to officials of United Arab Emirates, the 3D printed building is fully functional. Further inspection shows that the outer shell was made using a 3D printer while there are added features such as the electrical wires, telecommunication jacks and many other necessary utilities.

A statement was made by the CEO of Dubai Future Foundation, Saif Al Aleeli, saying that they have witnesses various countries trying to test whether they can create 3D printed buildings but only to disappoint afterwards as they are not functional buildings. Function for the CEO means that it is equipped with MEP or mechanical, electrical and plumbing which covers air conditioning system and lighting. In short, for it to be functional, one should be able to use it.

The 3D printing was done by just one operator looking over the machine for 15 days while the assembly was completed by two persons in just two days. For the plumbing and electricity, 10 staffs were assigned to do the job. For plumbing services, visit Pro Jett Plumbing & Drainage.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Plumbers

Here’s What You Need To Know About Plumbers

Plumbers are usually the people you call whenever you experience a problem with your house’s plumbing system. But how much do you really know about these professionals? Well, if you didn’t know, plumbing was probably one of the earliest and oldest professions in the world. Normally with old professions you would think about farming or healing but during the ancient times when the first viaducts were built, there were actually professionals who would be called to fix the problems that the viaducts experience. These professionals will usually have extensive knowledge about the mechanics of pipe connections.

But the word ‘plumber’ was invented by the Romans. The Romans were known for numerous things but their constructions of viaducts, baths and drains have definitely sent them to the next level. Plumbum was the Roman word for lead and during those times pipes were made out of lead and so those who worked on these pipes would then be called plumbers.

Now, almost every establishment and structure would need a functioning water or plumbing system and because of these, from time to time they would require the need for plumbers when conducting maintenance and repairs on these plumbing systems.

Plumbers are known to work with anything and everything that is connected with plumbing. But aside from that, they sometimes offer air conditioning installations or septic tank tests. In fact, some plumbers even offer heating and cooling services.

Every plumber should be able to understand and make use of schematic sketches and drawings. They would need to know how to bend, cut or thread piping, or solder and join connections. A plumber must be able to understand and even repair venting systems and conduct tests on leaks as well as monitor water pressure.

In the UK, plumbers would need to have a level 2 or 3 Diploma Plumbing and Heating as well as a level 2 or 3 Diploma Installing and Maintaining Domestic Heating Systems.

Now if you are looking for a qualified plumber like those of Richards, you can make an online search or you can even ask referrals from the people you know and trust.

Create A Conversation With Your Audience Through Live Streaming

Create A Conversation With Your Audience Through Live Streaming

Businesses have always made use of Facebook as a marketing tool. Aside from being able to interact with the target audience, Facebook has a new feature. Facebook has provided a tool for businesses so that they can leverage on the increasing demand for video content. It is very easy to stream live video on Facebook by selecting the Publish option on the Verified Page and choosing Live Video.

If you are the owner of the verified page, you can check how many people are viewing the live event while the broadcast is going on. Viewers who are interested can watch the video after it has been published in your timeline or they can subscribe to your live events that you will launch in future. Viewers can make use of the Facebook “emojis” so that they can share their mood on the video they are watching. This is a basic rundown on how Facebook’s live streaming works but don’t just implement it for your marketing campaign; there are tricks that will allow you to enjoy its fullest potential.

Before you post video, make sure that the content has quality. There must be a theme for the live event, something you can focus on which the audience will appreciate. Make sure that your audience is well informed about the broadcast through your social media platform. Be flexible and always plan ahead for technical difficulties you may encounter during live streaming. Develop a plan so that you can update your audience if you lose streaming ability.

Make variations of your live streams. You can try to make short videos and sometimes longer videos as the need arises. For example, you can do live streaming of product demonstrations, trainings or company tours. Encourage the audience to interact with your live stream. Allow them to ask questions but be prepared to give informative answers. If the audience is involved with your live streams, they will never be bored.

For example, if your business is about Personalized gifts, you can live stream different ways of putting initials on visors, quilted bags or gingham table napkins. You can teach your audience the proper way of personalizing their gifts to make them extra special.

Reasons Why You Should Definitely Hire A Lawyer

Conceptual image of law enforcement justice and sentencing with a closeup view of a wooden judges gavel lying on a law book

March 31, 2016 – Know that you don’t always need to have a lawyer for every legal matter. Trivial matters such as fighting a speeding ticket or even just making small claims would not need professional legal help as you would be capable of handling them on your own. However, there are many other situations that you might get involved in that would require you to get a lawyer because of the challenge and the risks of the unfortunate predicament. This could either be a bad divorce, DUI violation, lost jobs, lost claims, and even jail time.

Here are the top reasons why you should definitely hire a lawyer.

  1. Not having a lawyer can cost you. It depends on what’s at stake. If your freedom is at stake then you definitely need a good lawyer unless you want to spend time behind bars. If it’s a civil case, then your finances might get hurt if you don’t have a lawyer backing you up. If you fear that it would cost you a lot by hiring a lawyer, know that most civil lawyers would only charge you if they win the case. Also, you can claim legal fees as plaintiff which means your lawyer can also make you money.
  2. They can challenge or even suppress evidence. Lawyers would be able to challenge evidence against you especially if the circumstances from which they were obtained are improper. They would also be able to tell if a testimony made by witness contradicts an earlier statement.
  3. They know the proper legal procedures. You may experience difficulty with following deadlines and protocol when filing certain legal documents or if you file them incorrectly, then the case or the legal procedure will be delayed or get thrown.
  4. They know a lot of other professionals. Lawyers work within a network of highly trained professionals, which means they know a lot of people who can help you get out of a certain predicament.
  5. The law is vast and complicated. The law is very complicated that is why you shouldn’t try to act like a lawyer. Remember, even highly experienced lawyers don’t represent themselves in court. Even if you have a solid case, with the law, things can quickly change when you don’t have a good lawyer so if you are looking for good lawyers, visit FRANK Legal & Tax Advisers in Bangkok.

How Not To Be Bad At Plumbing: Avoiding Plumbing Fails

How Not To Be Bad At Plumbing: Avoiding Plumbing Fails

March 28, 2016 – If you’re new to plumbing and contracting, you probably have numerous enthusiastic ideas that may or may not take your business to the next level. However, enthusiasm sometimes also has its fails. There are times when plumbers and plumbing contractors fall prey to bad practices and habits that they don’t realize is ruining their careers and business.

If you’re just starting with your career, then it would be good for you to avoid the following plumbing fails.

  1. Become the low price leader. Trying to be the low price leader is nearly impossible because there will always be someone who is trying to be. Doing this can damn your business into failure.
  2. Focusing on the trade alone. You spend most of your day billing as many minutes as possible and not giving trainings and seminars a second thought. This is a bad habit. Not only can trainings and seminars give you new ideas, enhance your skills and even learn about new technologies, attending them also increases your credibility.
  3. Not trying new things. You always stick to what has always worked. In some ways this could be good but on the other hand, it keeps you limited. Remember, the world is changing rapidly and if you’re not careful, you’d get stuck within the confines of the old traditional ways and get left behind by the much progressive and modern world.
  4. Rejecting employee uniforms. You feel as if wearing a uniform in your company is just a waste of time and resources. But remember this: uniforms make you more presentable and can give you a professional vibe that tells people to trust you.
  5. Not expanding. You are just content with the business you have today and the jobs you are getting without prior need for expansion. However, businesses are meant to be expanded and improved. Never reject the opportunities that come your way and be open to all the possibilities.
  6. Charging based on time and material. This will not make you look like an honest person. Instead, it would make you look greedy. People trust plumbers who present their customers with a flat rate.
  7. Not marketing enough. You only trust that your customers would spread the news about your company. With all the marketing opportunities present in today’s generation, it would be folly not to expand your horizons and try them. If you take time to research, you would find out that the successful plumbing companies like Pro-Jett Rotherham are those who make use of multiple marketing strategies such as online marketing.