The Increasing Number Of Internet Crimes Targeting Businesses

The Increasing Number Of Internet Crimes Targeting Businesses

It is common for a criminal lawyer in Toronto to be called to represent a person who has been arrested for a crime. The crime can be as minor as a shoplifting offense or as serious as murder. However, over the past 4 years, the largest crime that affects businesses and individuals is internet crime or illegal online activity. Most of the internet crimes involve large amounts of money.

Internet crime is increasing and targeting different sectors particularly real estate and payroll processing. Payroll processing scams are increasing across a great number of companies. For example, an email is received by accounting saying that an employee’s routing information and payroll information must be changed. Frequently, the payroll clerk will make a change and the victim will not realize that his money has been stolen until his paycheck fails to arrive.

An example of a real estate scam involves spoofed email from a real estate agent regarding the transfer of real estate. The spoofed email is also received by the buyer asking for the down payment to be wired to the real estate agent. The email also includes a bank routing number and account number that is controlled by the criminal.

Other scams involve different extortion schemes. One of the most popular versions of extortion involves an email claiming to be from a hacker who has taken over the victim’s webcam. The email claims that several compromising videos have been recorded but will be deleted if ransom will be paid. Another scheme is the threat on the life of a loved one which will be carried out if ransom money is not paid.

Today’s society no longer uses the telephone to call. Messages are sent through text or emails. Employees must be trained to be skeptical particularly about emails. It is very easy to verify whether the email is true.

Criminals must be punished but not when they are innocent. When a person being accused of a crime is innocent, criminal lawyer in Toronto can work to get the charges dismissed. Sometimes, vital pieces of evidence have been overlooked and it only requires the efforts of the lawyer to uncover the truth.

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