What Are The Factors That Affect A Website Speed

What Are The Factors That Affect A Website Speed

In today’s busy world, we need to get results as quickly as possible. Our fast-paced lifestyle requires getting things done in no time especially for people who have businesses, are working in the corporate arena, students, and even ordinary household parents.

In these times of modern technology, Website Speed is so important in the lives of many people. Studies show close to half of the internet users demand a two-second or less time for a web page to load, otherwise, they will leave the site.

Here are some important factors that affect a Website Speed which need to be addressed for faster performance:

  1. Connection speed

The internet connection type can directly influence the speed of your website. It is suggested to use DSL as it provides a faster and better connection compared to dialup. However, a cable connection is much better than DSL, though, and the most efficient of them all would be a fibre optic type of connection.

  1. Hosting/Server

The server chosen by the web hosting provider has also a strong impact on the Website Speed where your site loads for your visitors. Choose a web hosting provider that has a rating up time of 99.5% for a better connection.

  1. Sizes and file types

Generally, large-sized files slow down the speed of your website. Although there are already improvements in the speed connection to load huge files, optimizing your files is still important and suggested for better speed.

  1. Plugins

WordPress plugins are helpful in enhancing the functionality of your website, however, having plenty of plugins and using plugins without optimizing them can considerably slow down your website.

  1. Browser

The browser you use can influence the speed of your website. Browsers with older versions may have difficulties in loading certain codes and assets because of incompatibility issues. It is always advisable to use the latest version of a preferred browser.

  1. PC Cache

Your computer that is used to access a website can also affect the speed. The cache of your computer stores information that is recently used for quick access.

  1. Traffic volume

Use a host with ample bandwidth to accommodate a high volume of traffic.

  1. Check the speed of your website

Checking your website speed is important to monitor it.

The speed of your website is crucial to be more productive. Make sure that your website is in its proper order for better performance.

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