Why It Is Important To Consider The Security Of Interconnected Devices

Why It Is Important To Consider The Security Of Interconnected Devices

Hotels like 4 star resort in Pattaya are quick in adopting technology because they understand that customers expect a unique experience. Technology can make hotel operations more efficient and organized. Smart devices that are often referred to as Internet of Things (IoT) are rapidly multiplying because they provide a sense of luxury and modernity.

While it is important for the hospitality industry to adopt different technologies, they need to take into account the security of interconnected devices. It is bad for business if the experience of guests is disrupted by hackers.

Most connected devices were created without considering security. Some were built without basic security principles like the capability to change default passwords, authenticate devices and undertake security updates. The seemingly innocent devices can provide an open door to hackers that can exploit the vulnerability of the security system.

The hospitality industry must ensure that IoT experiences provided to guests are secure by being aware of the devices that are connected to the hotel’s network. After taking an inventory of the vulnerabilities, make sure that risks are mitigated. First generation products must be avoided and always purchase connected devices from reliable vendors that have gained a good reputation in the technology industry.

Hackers are undertaking creative ways to exploit vulnerabilities. Deciding on a connected device requires proper consideration on the risks it could pose in case the system is hacked. A tech-savvy employee or a disgruntled guest could take control of electronic door keys or the smart thermostats. These innocent devices usually lack strong security and can be harmful if they fall on the wrong hands.

Routine maintenance must also be performed on smart devices like changing default passwords regularly and updating the software of the device. Once compromised, all the connected devices must be immediately removed from the network.Collaborate with a third party expert to determine what went wrong.

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